This to Shall Pass

In life there are seasons and changes that we all go through. Life and the seasons seem to be always changing and turning. Just as soon as we get use to or comfortable with something that is a sure bet that change is coming. This is evident in the basic aspects of life such as in nature. We see how weather is fickle and can change as quickly as it was sunny it can rain and then back again. Trust me living down south most my life I know this well particularly in the fall every morning it can be 30 degree and then by afternoon you are in anywhere from 60 to 80 degree only to go back down to 30 degree the next morning. Also we see the changes in our world with winter turning into spring, spring into summer, then for summer to change into fall, fall changes to winter to only have winter turn back to spring and so goes on the cycle of nature and life. Just as nature goes through changes so do we as individuals and the seasons in our lives. There are seasons of joy or happiness and mourning or sadness. There are other seasons of new beginnings and endings. We will have seasons of success and failure, seasons of plentiful feast and famine of bareness. We have seasons of receiving and gaining and then seasons of loss and casting off. We find ourselves in seasons of life and death. It is in the seasons of life in which we become mommies that we start our journey that takes us through the countless changing seasons of motherhood.

In my journey as a mommy I have been through countless of diverse, varying and constant changing seasons. As all mommies I started in the seasons of new beginning that came when I was a new mommy with the beginning of my daughter’s life and my journey and then to also continue on my journey with the new beginning of being a mommy of two with the birth of my son. I have had seasons of happy and sad tears, I have seasons of joy and happiness. There have been seasons of constant tire-dome, boredom, isolation, frustration, frazzledness, stress, sensation of tattered, coming unfreyed, sinking and drowning in the swirling, whirling seas of my motherhood. Then coming out of these seasons of my mommy valley moments I would and have found myself in the seasons of my mommy mountaintop moments. When in the seasons of being on my mountaintop I have felt as if I’m swimming, standing strong, calm, cool, collective, centered, focused, balance and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and ahead of the curves that constantly come in the changing season of the this journey in motherhood.

Another season that comes and that has been experienced in my journey as a mommy is the season of that’s an easy fix. Im for the most part happily in that season. This is the seasons when things and life are simple and can be reedmied with simple fixes that can fix just fix just any and everything. This is season is the seasons of my babies scratches, scrapped knees, the small cut that it’s made all better by my kisses and hugs while in my lap. Also involved with solved and resolved early problems such as the spills in the floor, the stains on clothes that are washed in the laundry, the torn book or artwork, the piles in the room and countless others that I say to my daughter or son no worries that’s an easy fix. I know that life can’t always be that simple or that easy and the days of no easy fixes will come and be plentiful and it won’t be as simple of just mommy fixing it and making it all better. When those days come in spades in the life and journeys of my babies oh how I will long for the days of that’s an easy fix and the simplify of life. Another season that I know will come to an end all to soon and I will long for are the days of my babies wanting to spend time together, sweet snuggles and countless cuddles and the precious hugs and kisses of my babies. Just as surely as the seasons of my motherhood that are the oh boys and not the joys will go by seemly oh so slowly so will the seasons of abundant and endless joy will go by swiftly as the grands of sands of time goes in the hour glass only to pass me by never to return. I wish for certain things to pass on by in the moment of the season but also knowing and not wanting to loose the fleeting joys of the same season to disappear, melting and turning into the new changing seasons. I know the changing seasons will only continue to come and change through my journey through motherhood.
Through these changing seasons I have learned much and have learned to always expect change and to savor what is the season I’m in before it slips away and changes into a new season.

In journeying on I have realized that these seasons of change that I have experienced have been some filled bitterness of oh boys and others filled with sweetness of of the abundant joys. I have learned and know that when these seasons pass I will miss the season as it goes and never to be in that season again. True I may not miss the things that caused such season to be frustrating, difficult, challenging, and discouraging but I know I will miss the age and the things that comes with the age that my babies were during such seasons. I will not miss the sleepless nights of the new borns or infants but will miss the preciousness and tenderness of my babies being so small and all the amazing first milestones. I will not miss potty training but will miss the fun and adventure of the growing and wonder of the minds of toddlers. I know that after these seasons my babies will grow and never to be these precious and priceless ages again. For just as all seasons shall pass so do the age, stages and phases of my babies will pass and change and grow into new and different ages, stages and phases. In knowing that this too shall pass I wish desperately before it’s too late for these seasons with my babies and as a mommy to stall, slow down and stand still the moving sands of time. In my wishing at times for some of the old to pass and change into the new I must not forgot what I will miss and long for. I must savor the bittersweet of each moment and seasons as a mommy with my babies in our journey hand in hand. I must also taste the lemonade to be had and made in all seasons. I must always find, seek out, see, savor and never forget the precious and priceless joys of each seasons as a mommy and of my babies journey. May I as a mommy be grateful for not only what passes, but for what will come and for what I will always and forever savor and tuck away in my mommy scrapbook and heart. May I never loose sight of what has and will pass. May I always remember and savor the sweetness of the passing and changing seasons. May we as mommies always be grateful and savor the the fleeting and new seasons to come in our journey as movies with our babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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