Inspiration for Heartfelt Meditations

Heartfelt Meditations

The idea for Heartfelt Meditation came form the process of reworking or revisioning my first book which was originally entitled My Tribute. It was through this process revising of this book is what help envision, create and bring together the idea of Heartfelt Meditations. It was from the idea of meditations coming from my heart is what shaped the thought and the idea for this blog. I truly write from the heart and things that I have a deep and great passion for. Now where I got the idea to write about the subjects of my faith, motherhood and, “We the People” had a different source of inspiration. Back in 2006 when I was watching, for better or for worse, the show Sex and the City and saw the main character Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker and seeing her writing about love, pop culture, dating, men and women, romance, relationships, sex and all related to these topics in her column. I thought to myself why can’t I write columns, articles or essays on things I have a great deep passion for. The first was my faith, then as a became a mother I added that one and lastly after completing my graduate work then came the “We the People”.

Purpose for Heartfelt Meditations on “Take a Sip, Take a Breathe and Go”

As I started my journey as a new mommy I realized I was on a journey of a lifetime and I was beyond all words new to motherhood and found myself wondering what the heck to do or how I would I figure this out. I had many thoughts, observations, experiences, discoveries and learned numerous lessons of motherhood and life and I wanted to share my experiences, lessons and journey with other fellow mommies. I hope my own journey can help other fellow mommies with their own journeys. I wish to give fellow mommies  a place and space of freedom to explore, learn, discover, grow,  experience and take their own sips, breaths and go forward on their own journey.

Purpose for Heartfelt Meditations on My faith and spirituality

As I have journeyed as a young girl of faith and on to become a women of faith for the last almost 34 years and counting and beyond I have experienced much and have learned much and observed much about faith, the walk in Christ, the church, spirituality, Christianity and so much more and I wanted to share my observation and give fellow christians, seekers and people of faith much food for spiritual and faith thought.

Purpose for Heartfelt Mediations  on “We the People”

I have always had an interest in politics, history and our nation and I was instilled with a love for such interests from a young age. I have always seen the value in and maintain it is most profoundly important to be knowledgeable in history and the workings of our nation. After completing my graduate work. I feel that I can, as I have with my faith and journey as a mother, write and share my observations as American and a member of “We the People” with other members of “We the People’ and my fellow Americans. In sharing my observations with other members of “We the People” and my fellow Americans I wish to enlighten, teach and share with them how our great nation was meant to be, created, designed, the reason for its creation and for what purposes America was created. I feel as members as “We the People” and as Americans we all need to know and understand this about our nation.



About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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