My Continuing Journey of Learning and Growing as a Mommy

My Continuing Journey of Learning and Growing as a Mommy

In my six years of journeying as a mommy and taking my sips, breaths and going forward ready set go I have journeyed through becoming a new virginal mommy with the birth of my daughter and then in 2013 journey through becoming a mommy of two babies. In this six year and counting journey I have been witnessed to my own evolutionary journey filled with much learning and continued growth. In this journey of motherhood I have learned how to take a sip and then a double shot, take a breath and now breaths and go ready set or not. In continuing to take my sips, breaths and going forward I realized while I have learned much and expanded upon my mommy lessons there is much for me to still learn and ways for me to grow as a mommy. I strive and desire to keep learning, growing, discovering and gaining knowledge through journeying hand in hand with my babies. I know learning is a life long journey and I have this to be equally true in motherhood. It is through my learning, discovering and growing that I can know and trust I can go forward striving to give my very best and I will be successful in my journey in life and in my motherhood.

Through my journey I have learned much, experienced much, gain much knowledge and collected endless lessons in my motherhood and what is to be a mommy. The collection of lessons have been extensive and continues to expand in scope. The ever expanding scope is equally growing in the diversity and eclectic nature of my mommy lessons. When I started my journey in 2010, with the birth of my previous baby girl, as a mommy my very first lessons in my motherhood were how much everything was new and just how very viriginal I was in motherhood and being a mommy. The second biggest lesson was there would not be an instructional manual for me and my journey as a mommy. Some of my other initial lessons were how big choices to feed or to pee could be for me, the reality of this never ending rollercoaster ride of hormones and among numerous others. Following the initial plunge into my journey through motherhood I also found immensely, profoundly invaluable lessons of minute to minute in life of my day as a mommy and just a minute my precious baby girl. Also the lessons of My MeO’clock time and sleep, snacks, sips, soaks and Sex catch them while you can taught immeasurable lessons about my time and managing it as a new mommy. I found value making my own lemonade out my mommy lemons and in ,what I called, my small an simple saving daily graces and it was okay to have my moments. In my journey as a mommy that progressed I continued to learn that I was now first and foremost mama and my manner mattered as mommy. I also came to the knowledge of some of my biggest lessons of I’m the ultimate expert and I didn’t need any more commentary for the peanut galleries of experts. Lastly of the other important mommy lessons for me were my motherhood matters, to savor the seasons and sands of time as a mommy, to remember the memorable moments of my motherhood and to always strive to let shine and show my daughter my own rainbow true colors.

Then in 2013 with the addition of my son to our family my journey as a mommy equally expanded and grew. In turn this would also equally grow and expand the scope of the lessons that I was to learn and the knowledge I was to gain in my new journey as a mommy of two precious babies. One of the very first lessons of value that was most helpful for me as I embarked in the new uncharted waters of being a mother of two babies was realizing I was just in the second verse of the same song of motherhood and that much was the same just more to include the lessons to be learned. In my new life in the day of being a mommy of two I leaned the lessons of the hunger games and I saw the evidence of the bread crumbs of my motherhood. I came to understand the power of play and the lessons to be learned along with, the power of the forbidden fruit, the power of why and also the play for power that often was accompanied with the new reality of countless tug-a-wars. I learned the the expand constant reality of choices and the colors of said choices. Also new lessons involved wondering when I become a zebra and who’s happiness was to be pursued. For better or worse my new expanded education in my journey as a mommy involved lessons in having to go 90 to nothing, a love of moronity, my residence at time was on the island of isolation. Lessons of life that I found in my new journey as a mommy that had and has equal immense and value for me and my babies were the lessons of do I ever get a turn, the lessons of sharing community property, first world problems, all is indeed fair on the playground, the value in doing one thing at a time, keep trying and you’ll get better, I think I can and Kinship to be found traveling to Udugu. Finally some of my most significant and priceless lessons encompassed Decluttering, Quantity or Quality, finding and keeping the balance and that this too shall pass. Through learning these lessons in my journey as a mommy and gaining the knowledge from such lessons, although not perfect and far from perfection and still learning and growing, I have witnessed and experienced my evolutionary journey as a mommy form being a virgin in my motherhood to being the ultimate expert in just not being a mommy of one baby but two and for my family.

It is at this point after journey through Take a Sip, Take a Breath and Go… and Take a double shot, take two breaths and ready set go I want to journey forward taking my sips and breaths exploring and learning more about myself as a mommy and reflect upon my own changes as person along my journey as a mommy. I want to reflect upon how I personally as an individual, wife, mom and women has evolved and how I see myself through this new lens of motherhood. I want the focus my pondering and reflection to be on how my role of now two babies has impacted, influenced and what imprint it has made on myself, my family and my journey. I desire to understand how this has potentially transformed me and my journey. Moreover if I glean any continued learning, knowledge and discoveries that can help me along the way of my continuing journey in motherhood and to help me to keep giving my very best for my babies and family then my pondering and reflection have been fruitful. In my continuing journey as a mommy may I desire to strive to always take my sips, breaths, relax, and put my feet up so that I can stay focused, centered, balanced and sane so that I can always, always be able to present, demonstrate and give my utmost and very best to my babies and my family. May we all as mommies in our own journeys stay focused, centered, sane and balanced through taking our sips, breathes going forward giving our best to our babies, families and ourselves.

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I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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