Everything in its place and everything in its right place

Life and the world is based in and upon systems and order. One can see systems and the order of life everywhere. The Galaxy and Solar System has its own system and order. The world has systems and order to it on both the macro and micro levels. Life itself is order and has systems down to the smallest of smallest cells has order and there is a system to the order of life. The system and order to life goes from species genus, family, phylum, kingdom, domain and life. Our own bodies are made up of systems to help maintain order and best proficiency, functionality, efficiency and productively involving the cardiovascular systems, respiratory system, immune system, nervous system, skeletal and muscular systems, digestive system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, endocrine system, reproductive system, urinary system and integumentary systems. Each system has a specific job, operation and function as well do the organs and muscles or bones in each of these systems to maintain the body in proper and perfect working order. If any one of these muscles, bones, organs and systems doesn’t perform its specific job, operation or function then the body can not properly function and work smoothly. This is equally true of the animals and other life forms in nature. There is a system to the order in which the seasons follow each other. Furthermore in one’s community, culture and society we all have jobs that need to be done in oder to contribute facilitate the proper and smooth working of one’s community, culture and society. This idea is equally relevant and applicable to our families and us as mommies.
I know for me personally long before starting my journey as a mommy it was, is and always will be immensely, profoundly important and valued beyond measure the idea of order, systems and organization in my life. My need for having order, systems and organization in place is a direct result of my vision and a major coping mechanism or method for compensating and working around my limitations of my vision. I absolutely distain chaos and do not function in it well especially for extended periods. The idea of order, a system to everything and organization have always been my friends and chaos is no friend of mine. If everything has it’s place and everything in it’s right place I know exactly where things and can find them based on memory so much quicker than using my vision to scan or search for the item in question. I mean anything you could possibly think of that can be put in order, have a system to it or organized I have it in order and organized. My wallet has my cards organized alphabetically or how often I use that card. In my home all books, movies, cd and so forth are organized to a tee. My kitchen I have everything in its right and proper place. No living in chaos and having a order, system and organization to my life is a fundamental essential aspect of my life.

The need for complete, total and absolute order, systems and organization and free from chaos absolutely became all the more fundamental and essential after entering into my journey as a mommy then increase that above and beyond any measure now after becoming a mommy of two babies. Most mommies like to have and need some sense of order, a system of doing things and some method of organization but add in my limitations from my impaired vision and I seem to get a triple, quadruple never mind a double dose of this need to make my life work and function for myself, as a mommy for my babies and family. After becoming a mommy and growing our family by one member our baby girl and now by two with the birth of our son and now being a family of four as families grow stuff tends to always grow in accordance to the growth in the family size. Therefore more people more stuff that needs to be keep in order, needs a system to maintain and to organize. Need for order, systems and organization has to do with one other darnedest expression this mommy saids. I’m have no doubt if you were to ask my kids or husband what is one the things your mommy/wife saids the most and they would say that I say that ‘everything has it’s place and everything in it’s right place.” One day I will actually see some dividends on constantly parroting this mommyism. One day the toys will be always put away in the right places. One day everyone’s coats, shoes, jackets, dirty clothes and towels will all be put away, put up or put in the right places either in closets, drawers or the laundry. A mommy can dream right and wish for the simple joys and dreams to come true.

This is a loaded expression in the sense it comes with much value, many reasons for it place and purpose and numerous life lessons can be learned for this mommyism. The goal of everything in its place and everything has a right place is that if done then everything will be put in its place and is put in its right place. In achieving the goal of this mommyism things are orderly, the house is clean, orderly and maintained and mommy feels sane and not frustrated and much happier living in a orderly chaos free home. Moreover my babies learn about order, how to organize, how to properly clean, to maintain, keep up, take care of and responsibly for their stuff. The value of this achieved expression is immense and immeasurable my babies are learning life lessons, I have an orderly, clean and easier maintained home and I am happier, saner, I function better and mange my life, things, my home and family better and more smoother. I truly hope this is achieved at some point or leased worked towards more easily at some point as I journey on as mommy. I girl can dream right.

As a mommy it is most important to me to have order, systems of structure and organization so that I can be focused, centered, balanced and on top of my mommy and life game and ahead of the curve balls. Also in being able to do these things I can be my best self, wife. and mommy for my babies and family. I want to teach and instill in my babies the lessons of life and the tools to be responsible, to be organized and have the ability to manage, carry out and live out their lives in a manner that is the best for them and affords them the best outcome in their journey through life. May I as a mommy always keep the chaos at bay, maintain the order, system and organization of my life. May I as a mommy always have my stuff and life always in its place and always in the right place. May we as mommies continue forward having things and life in their place that is right for us as mommies, our babies and families.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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