If I can see you then you can see it

In my world I’m always amazed at what other people can see, do with their vision or visually. It amazes me how far people can see and what they can see at such far distances. I have always been amazed and self admitted a little envious of everyone’s ability to just go through books in like no time flat and to just pour over books. My heart and personally is to be an avid and great lover of reading and books but my eyes do not allow me such luxury. Another thing I think is just amazing and if I could do this my life could be so much simpler is how quickly others can do their school work. There are countless of other examples one being in regards to motherhood it amazes how other mommies can see their babies a much grater distance than I can. Equally at times I’m just as amazed as to what people can not see. I have made the statement many times ‘if I can see it then everyone should be able to see it’ Since becoming a mommy this expression has been added to my list of mommyism for me even if known to my babies and family because I said it in my mind or privately.

This newly added momism speaks to the heart of one of my biggest and most annoying pet peeves as a mommy. I can’t tell you have many times I have said to my babies, particularly my daughter who is six, can you get me that over there or go, can you bring me fill in the blank, find your fill in the blank and can you pick up that fill in the blank. My favorite response mommy I can’t find it or I don’t see it mommy. Let’s just hold on here for a second and make sure we are understanding what is taking place in this common place scened in my life in a day as a mommy. Okay so the visually impaired mommy has identified a certain item or object to be picked up, brought to me or handed to me. The other is the object or item needed to be found can be found by the fully sighted child. Yet the visually impaired mommy can find said miss object or tell my daughter where the said object and items that needs to be picked, gathered or brought to me is. Does anyone out there thinks or sees that there is something with this daily picture. How is the fully perfecttly sight child can find or see what the visually impaired and legally blind mommy can see or find. This I find most interesting and it causes to scratch my watch.

Although I have to wonder in this mommy pet peeve and mommyism, although accurate, is there an inherent element or aspect of unfairness. Yes it is absolutely I totally accurate statement and it makes me crazy and I don’t get it at all. Though should I have to keep in mind that my baby girl is 6 and my son is 3. Children focus and attention spans is not of our as adults Then I think is she just not listening, paying attention and following my directions and that is equally as annoying or frustrating as is the pet peeve of not seeing what her legally blind mommy sees. I do my best to try, although not perfectly all the time, to be understanding and try to see it from her sweet 6 year old perspective. Also
in considering this mommyism I must pounder if in being annoyed to no end with things not being seen or found by my daughter if this is to high of an expectation or that I’m expecting to much of her at this age. Moreover does this mean am I being to hard on her or too unrealistic. On the other hand I think is it really unreasonable for a six year old or to expert her to be able to listen and follow directions to be able to find and see what is being asked for.

In continuing my journey as a mommy maybe the answers lie in how I choose to respond or react to my pet peeves. Although equally far, far away from perfect maybe I can find the answers I seek by choosing the green choices of patience, understanding, grace, very, empathy. Instead of choosing the red choices of irritation, annoyance, aggravation and frustration. Also maybe I can keep in mind my precious sweet girl doesn’t know of or understand at this point in her life all that is involved or encompasses my limitations and my issues with my vision. Moreover does she realize the annoyance that is to be found by her not finding or seeing what I see. May I also as the mommy to her and my son focus on and keep in my sight the vision and picture of the treasure of sweet precious, priceless amazing treasures and gifts of my babies I have been given and blessed with beyond measure. May I always and forever cherish my babies as I journey forward as their mommy. May we always understand what is to be the apple of our eyes and may we always focus on seeing the sweet, precious and priceless treasures we have been given to keep in our sights as we journey on through our motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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