This is an A and B Conversation C your way out of it please

One of the most interesting, funniest and my new favorite mommyism or darnedest expressions is one I heard my husband say one night when we were all out together as a family. On this particular evening we were all sitting and eating at our local favorite restaurant Pizza Man and my husband and I were talking and our daughter started to interrupt us and start to say something. Then my husband say ‘this is A and B conversation you need to C (see) your way out of it. I just thought that was the absolutely the very best, most clever and funniest things ever. I absolutely love this new expression or mommyism. I find this new mommyism most interesting because it is a clever way to address another pet peeve of my as a mommy. Thus as soon as I heard it I knew right away that I would using this frequently probably to frequently for my babies taste.

The idea of having my conservations continually and constantly interrupted is so totally aggravating, irritating and annoying to me. Always not having a whole thought or idea articulated or communicated to completion in one continuos flow with out intrusion or break is extremely frustrating for its in often of this disruption of flow of thought that I loose my thought and can’t remember it. I think also for me that because all day, while I love my chats with my babies, all I ever get to do is only chatting with my babies until my husband gets home. When I finally get the delicious rare luxury of adult interaction, communication and conversation I don’t want it messed with. When my rare luxury is fooled with and disrupted I find the interruption all that more so exasperating then normal. Furthermore its a sure bet that my babies will hear me say ‘this is an A and B conversation so C your way out of it” more frequently.

I feel that there is much immeasurable value to be found in this mommyism. It is through this mommyism that there are lessons of life to be found and are treasures that need to be given, shared and taught to my babies. The first lesson is that you do not interrupt mommy or other adults unless absolutely necessary such as in an emergency. The second lesson is in direct connection to the first it is that interrupting someone is rude, inconsiderate, impolite, lack of courtesy and just simply in correct manners. Furthermore it is disrespectful not to wait your turn to speak or to think that what you have to say is more important than what was already being communicated by others. Thirdly my babies can learn that not only do we not interrupt people but we also don’t impose ourselves in conversation that don’t concern us and aren’t our business. It is equally just as rude, lack of courtesy, impolite, inconsiderate, improper or inappropriate manners and disrespectful to impose yourself or stick your nose where it does not belong or in matters that are not yours.

As my journey as a mommy continues I wish for my babies to come to know and understand the meaning of the mommyism of ‘this is a A and B conversation and C your way out of it’. Moreover I desire for them to know and understand the immeasurable value of the lessons of life that are to be found in this mommyism. I hope that as I continue forward as a mommy that I will always strive to, although not perfectly and far from it, not just give my babies the tools to learn how to be polite, considerate, courteous, use good manners that matter and be respectful but also teach them though demonstration and my own example. I need to be most consciences of the example that I’m setting before my babies through how I communicate and interact with others. As a mommy I must be aware of my own good manners that matter in my motherhood. Do I interrupt my babies when they talk to me and do I interact or communicate with my babies in the same manner that I expect of them such as being polite, courteous, gracious, considerate and respectful. May I always and forever strive to live what I teach and teach through my example and demonstration. May I extend the same good manners and treat others, my babies and family the same way I want to be treated and expect my babies do. May we as mommies go forward exemplifying the life lessons that are to be found in ‘This is A and B conversation C your way out of it’ that we want for our babies to learn and demonstrate in their own journeys through this life.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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