You have been put on notice and warned

Looking back on my own life and childhood I can remember hearing some of my friends mamas saying some of the darnedest things or my friends told me what their moms use to say when they were growing up. I always found the sayings people used most interesting and sometimes most humorous. My interest in this could be because of my own sense of curiosity or alway observing and learning about people. I rememberer being in college and one my of roommates, now closest life long friends of twenty years and counting, told me that she remembered growing hearing that if you don’t stop or whatever that ‘your ass is grass and I’m the lawn mover’ or a more polite version, although not as funny, is ‘your butt is cut grass and I’m the lawn mower’. A second expression that I heard was ‘you better step off’ Regardless of how these expressions were intended or were meant to me I thought they sounded very imposing, looming potential severe consequences to come as if to almost be saying a warning or another way of saying I’m gonna count to three. In motherhood it seems to me that we all have our own way of communicating to our babies beware and be warned. I have to wonder as a mommy what ways do I have and I do count to three.

When I would hear my girlfriend talk about what it was understand after hearing “Your ass is grass and I’m the lawn mover’ is that she better quit, stop and not do whatever whatever the issue was in question. Also if she didn’t do so she knew she was in for it and that meant she would be in major, major trouble. I would agree that this is the same and equally true of as ‘you better step off’ I find these excellent and most humorous examples of basically putting kids on notice and giving warning. When I think about what I say or use to communicate a message of warning or be ware to my own babies I can think of a few things that I have said for the same reasons, purposes and goals. I have said to my daughter ‘if you did that at school what color would you be on so what color should you be on at home’ with this I want her to learn to stop and think about her choices and start to connect that what choices she makes anywhere whether it be at home, Karate, school, church or anywhere that the same choices will result in the same conduct color no matter where she is at. A second one that is along the same lines is that I may say if I see something about to happen is they she may want to stop and think before making her choice.

Another one that I’m quite sure if my babies were asked they would say they have heard a lot is when a choice is made that is unacceptable and not tolerated I will say ‘try that again and see what happens’. For my babies they know at this point they best not try that again and that they were way out of line or over the line. The case that merits this response in our house is using an incorrect or disrespectful tone, speaking disrespectfully or being disrespectful or back talking, having a smart mouth or being sassy among others. All of these are absolute big major no no in our home. In any and all of these cases of me using these specific examples of me saying the darnedest things I’m telling my babies you have been put on notice and warned do not under any circumstances try, say or do that again or things will not go well for you. My babies know that there will be consequences for their choices and actions. I want my babies to learn to be, give and receive respect. I want my babies to learn there are lines and boundaries in life that must be understood, followed, not crossed and respected. Moreover there are reasons for the boundaries sand lines in life. It is through these lessons of respect that so many other life lessons are learned such as thoughtfulness, kindness, courteousness, consideration and many others.

In continuing my journey as a mommy I desire to always strive to demonstrate, exemplify and teach my babies respect, how to give, be respectful and to be given respect. Moreover I wish to provide my babies with the understanding of the the importance of limits, boundaries, and the lines that are drawn in life and respecting these rules and the purpose of these rules. This knowledge and understanding will serve my babies well on their own journey through life. My babies understanding the life lessons of the boundaries, limits and lines of the world and respecting them starts at home with growing in their respect of the rules of the family and home. It is through me giving my babies the tools for respecting the rules, boundaries and lines and the purpose for said rules, boundaries and lines of the our family home that they will grow to understand the value of this lesson in life as they journey into the world. May I always as a mommy impress upon and instill in my babies the purpose, the importance of the rules, lines and boundaries and how to respect them, give respect and be given respect in their journey through life. May we as a mommies always go through our journey of motherhood respectfully and teaching our babies respect and lesson of life of respecting the rules of this life and world.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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