Let Mama Focus

In life it can feel as if we are in a constant swirling whirling sea of things that are bidding for, trying to get, attempting to buy, and grab us and our attention. In this swirling whirling sea of life it could be school or work that has our attention. The necessity of or for finances and money matters can hold one’s attention. One’s health and good fortune. Matters of the heart can capture the attention of someone and their heart. Our families often hold our attention and hearts as well. One’s pursuit of his or her passion, purpose and happiness can capture his or her attention and focus for a lifetime. In life its seems as if we are always splitting and dividing our attention between all these these various things. Maybe that is where in lies the secret to life is finding and keeping our attention focused on what is most important and what matters most. How do we know that is the most important and what matters most. It can only be defined by each individual for themselves as to what will their focus on in life and along their own journey. In motherhood I have to ask myself as a mommy what do I want to be my focus and I devote my attention too.

As a mommy of two babies I find myself more times than not having to focus on multiple and numerous things at one time. Also I find myself asking my babies and saying to them ‘Please let mommy focus’ or ‘I need to focus please’ The point and lessons of this mommyism is that in my day as a mommy I have times and moments that I need to focus on one certain thing in that moment. I might need to focus on counting out certain ingredient for whatever I’m cooking. I could need to focus on paying my bill over the phone. It could be, when I was in school, that I need had to devote my complete attention o a pressing deadline. I have to focus on helping my daughter with her homework. Although I can say that just about daily I find myself wanting to focus or not wanting to loose my train of thought or what I was going to do next. In trying to focus I have said please let us, let me or can we all do one thing at a time. I think my life in a day would be so much more smoother, easier and manageable if I could just focus on one thing or just do one thing at a time.

In my perfect dream of only having to do or focus on one thing is in starch contrast to the multi-tasking reality and focusing on juggling numerous things at one time I am faced with the choice of choosing what I want and wish to put and devote my focus too. As I have continue to journey through my motherhood and traveled through various stages and phases of my journey as a mommy I have learned what is really most important to me as a mommy. I have been able know what I want to choose to focus on in my journey as a mommy I want to focus on my family. I want to pour all my attention into my babies and being their mama. I want to soak up the moments and years with my babies and I don’t want miss one single moment or thing of my babies. I want to pour all of my time and attention to teaching and helping my babies, learn, grow, experience and develop along their own journey. I have learned that I am now, first, foremost and and forever mama and that my motherhood not only matters but is of the utmost importance.

In my journey as a mommy I have answered this question by defining my focus as to be solely on my babies and being their mommy. Although there is a part two of this and that is how do I keep my focus and keep myself from getting distracted from my chosen focus. Moreover in striving and trying to keep the focus of my motherhood on my babies and family I have had found my own ways of maintaining my focus on my babies. For me as a mama there have been numerous things that have helped the focus of my motherhood to stay on my babies. First I must always and forever remind myself and remember that first, foremost and fore I am now mama and nothing comes before that. This thought is at the center of everything I do now. Also keeping this in mind this helps guides all my decisions and choices in my journey as mother. Furthermore it is in this thought that helps me stay focus on the most important things my babies and my family as I continue to journey forward. I as a mommy may I never ever loose sight of the truth that I am now, first, foremost and forever mama. May I always have the insight, wisdom and discernment to keep my focus on my babies. May we as mommies go forward continuing to always giving our attention to the most important focus and cherished treasure of our journey as mommies our babies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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