The Question is not did you hear me but are you listening

Life is full of questions. It can be a quest for the answers to the questions asked. It is often that the questions we ask lead us to and through our journey in life. We ask a myriad of questions in life on any and every aspect and on every level of life form the micro to macro. Questions are asked about where to find or get things such as coffee, food, clothes or any other array of services or times needed for any variety of reasons. Also we ask about how to get where we are going. We ask questions about what we need to know on any given subject or area such as math, or I know I do for sure regarding that one, science (biology, chemistry, physics, medicine), geography, literature, history, economics, finance, philosophy, politics, the law, religion and spirituality, culture, society, life in general and any and everything in between. There are questions about the universe, how things work and why they work. There are questions about what does that mean or the meaning of life. There are questions about who we are and what is our purpose. We ask questions about where did we come from. There are other questions that involve what should we do in life and how to go about doing it. In asking questions one tends to find that the same questions can have meaning or significance equally on the micro as well on the macro or that these questions can be just as complex as they may seem simple. The questions we ask often involve the who, the what, the when, the why and hows of our life as we journey forward. Sometimes in life it’s not just about asking the questions but asking the right question and how does one discern and define what is the right questions to ask in life. In my journey as a mommy I’m ask and I equally ask so many endless questions I have to wonder in motherhood what are the right questions to ask.

In the life of a day as a mommy I can hear countless and endless question on any and everything one could possible imagine and then some. While the list of types of questions is immeasurable here are some that I hear and I’m you as a mommy hear as well. Mommy what’s for breakfast and lunch and dinner. Mommy can I get a snack. Mommy what time is it, its dinner time, and is it bed time. Mommy can I have a story tonight. Mommy I can play, watch tv, play on the iPad or my Leapad. Mommy I can I have a friend over or better yet a sleepover. Mommy can we go to the park, play outside, go swimming, ride my bike, Mommy when it is time to go and when I can do anything just fill in the blank. Another enormous category of questions is why anything. Why does that do anything, why is bed time, why is nap time, why do I have to do fill in the blank. Equally on the flip side are questions why can’t I do this, why can’t I play outside, have a friend over, why do I have go to bed, why do I have to clean my room and any other thing you could imagine. My answer at this point, especially if said question is asked companied by whining because I said so or told you to.

After hearing and answering endless questions as a mommy on any given day I have thought there were some questions I would love to hear or be asked of me. These are some of the questions I would love to hear in my perfect mommy dream world. Mommy can I go clean my room. Mommy can I please work on my homework. Mommy can I please pick up my toys and help with clean up. Mommy can I go take a nap. Mommy can I get ready for bed. Mommy can I please eat fruit and vegetables. Mommy can I help with some of your chores. Mommy how can I help keep the house clean. Like I said ladies this is what would be asked and take place in my perfect mommy dream world. I most admit, although not often, my daughter will ask if she can help. I hoping with time things from my dream world will become a mommy reality. Moreover I find myself asking and pondering a myriad of more realistic questions such as why is it so hard to get peace and quite, why is so difficult to get ready on time, why is so difficult to get things done in such a timely manner. Why is that after begging for supper my babies eat so incredibly slowly after wanting me to hurry up to get supper done. Why is it such a major thing to just simply get my family to pick up there things and put them in the right place. Why is it such an ordeal to get anyone to follow instruction or directions and listening to me. In the day of my life as a mommy, never mind a mommy of two babies I feel these are all very valid and relevant questions to ask.

In consideration of the potential and possible immeasurable amount questions that can be asked either by my babies or by myself as a mommy perhaps the most paramount, most profoundly fundamental and significant question the can be asked is did you hear or are you listening to me. These two question seem to be the same but in reality they are very different questions with a very distinct differentiation in the definition of each question. In order to understand the differentiation in the meaning of these profound questions one must understand the meaning of each question In asking the question did you hear me is only asking did the other persons that was asked the question did they hear you. Although at times that is all that is required or need to make sure you were heard. Whereas in asking are you listening to is to indicate whether the other persons is paying attention to the person who asked the question. Furthermore asking do you understand me is trying to ascertain as too did the person not only hear you, but is he or she listening to you and if so they understand the meaning or point of the question asked. These three things are not necessarily the same thing and just because one or two may have happened doesn’t mean all took place or were achieved by the persons who was asked a question. In understanding the distinct differing meaning of these three questions it is most evidence which question has a more profound value, influence and significance. The most important, relevant and right question to be asked is the the real question that needs to asked and focused on are you listening to me and do you understand me. In my journey as a mommy it is my goal to focus on asking the relevant, significant and right questions to achieve the goal of listening and in turn understanding or comprehension.

In continuing my journey as a mommy it is one thing to be heard but being heard is meaningless and will get empty results if we are not listened to and more importantly understood. I as mommy want to not only be heard, but be listened to and most importantly and above all I hope and desire for my babies to understand. The right and revenant questions to be asked of my babies is are you listening and do you understand me and what I said. It is through listening that my babies can learn, follow my directions and instructions and grow to know the reasons behind the rules, limits and boundaries. It is through their understanding they also can grow in the knowledge of the lessons of life that come from understanding gained from listening. May I as a mommy always have wisdom, insight and discrete to know the right questions to ask and focus on. May I as a mommy always teach my babies to listen not just hear what I say. May I always guide them to understand what I say and tell them. May they through understanding gain the immense immeasurable knowledge of the lessons of life that will serve them well in their own journeys. May we, as we continuing forward, as mommies always have the insight, wisdom and discernment to ask the right question and guide our babies to understanding and the knowledge of lessons of life.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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