When MaMa Sane Everybody is Sane

In life we all have heard the expression ‘when mama is happy everybody is happy’ For better or worse that is often true and reality. To know when and what makes mama happy a mama must define what make her happy. For some mama it could be a clean house or to come home to a cooked meal that she didn’t have prepare or cook. Others it might be a long hot uninterrupted bath, uninterrupted meal or conversation with a girlfriend. Another mama could think her happiness can be found in a moment or moments of uninterrupted peace and quite of silence. Also a mama could find her happiness in having a day where her child or babies are getting along and playing well. In the case of a new mama it would the joy of realizing that for the first time since the birth of your child he or she slept through the night which means you did too. Who ever thought uninterrupted sleep could be so sweet its truly the simple things and joys. It could also be the personal satisfaction or gratification of know you are back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. In any case happiness can be found in any number of places for me as I journey forward in my motherhood.

Since I have become a mommy and as I continue to journey forward as a mommy I have learned and have created my own twist and version of this saying. I choose to say if I’m sane then everyone sane. I have learned how to create moments of sanity amidst the insanity at time in my life in the day of being a mommy and ways of maintaining my sanity as a mommy. If I feel as if I’m loosing my focus, balance, control and my sanity or mind I have to step back and stop to give myself the chance to regain my focus, balance, center, control, mind and sanity. In these moments of my life in my day as a mommy I may decide during nap time today I’m taking a nap too instead of being productive. I could decide that it’s better not to worry about house work and just relax and enjoy memorable moments with my babies. Although if it’s moments of craziness with my babies I might say go play of stairs and this gives me moments to myself to stop, breath and take in some sips and relax. Although in these moments that I choose to reset, recharge and refocus, I being type A, perfectionist, I feel guilty from time to time for taking these moments and not being productive. Although it is at this point I have to remind myself these few precious and priceless moments of regaining my focus, balance and sanity have immense and immeasurable value and are worth it for myself, my babies and family.

It is in and through my sanity I find my happiness as a mama thus for when I’m happy is when I’m sane so when Mama is sane(happy) everybody is sane. In my journey as a mommy I have found my sanity in multiple places along the way.
I have also discovered that it is most essential and paramount for me as a women, wife and mommy to keep my focus, balance and sanity. In doing this not just for myself but for my babies and family I’m able to be and give my very utmost best to my babies and family. It is doing and giving my best to my babies and family that I’m am able to be the mommy that I strive to be. It is through keeping my sanity that I am able to have my mommy mountaintop moments and journey through my motherhood with strength, confidence and success. I as a mommy desire to always give my very best and be my absolute best for my babies and family. May I always strive to keep my balance, focus and sanity and not loose sight of what creates moments of focus, balance and sanity. May we as mommies have the wisdom and sight to seek out what makes us sane and happy for ourselves, babies and families as we continue to journey forward as mommies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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