Push the Replay button please

I’m a great lover of music and have a very diversified and eclectic taste in music. There are some songs and artist I could listen non stop and all the time and then there are others not so much. One of the most interested and unexpected songs and musical combinations in music was about 2004 between Tim McGraw and Nelly entitled “Over and Over again”.This reminds me of what I think and feel at times in my daily life as a mommy. I mean I feel like I’m a broken record singing the same song over and over again. It makes me wonder if I should set up a tape recording and keep hitting the replay or the play back button of all my mommyisms that I say on a daily base all day along over and over again.

Think about it ladies how many times do you and I catch ourselves saying the same things to our babies all day every day. Its’s like the annoying song you get stuck in your head all day and that is all your hear. I for one get annoyed and tired of saying the same thing over and over again and repeating myself. For example this could be anything like focus its time to eat, do your homework or get ready for whatever. It could be pick your toys and things and put them where they belong and put your plate up in the sink. Another broken record that gets played a lot is use your words, use your tools and figure it out. Other same songs that are heard in my home are i’m on the phone, hold on, give me a minute, one thing at a time and this is an A and B conversation C your way out of it. I often wonder if I sound like a broken record as much as I feel that I’m a broken record. Also I wonder if our babies get totally assumed or thinks totally funny that we can sound like parrots so much of the time as we repeat ourselves over and over again. If so do our babies get equally as tired and annoyed to hear the same thing over and over again as we get as mommies in saying them.

Then this makes me think well if you did what was asked of your or you were told to do neither one of us would be annoyed or get tired of the broken record or same song over and over again because I wouldn’t have say it and you wouldn’t have. hear it again because you did what you were asked or told the first time. So in way the kids don’t have the right to be annoyed and its only us as the mommy that can be annoyed because we aren’t being listened too and have to waste our own breath all the time. This is what I think leads to the bigger problem that causes the annoyance is that we feel we aren’t ever being listened too and that we have no voice or that our voices are never heard in our own homes. You may ask me or be thinking so what is the solution and sadly and unfortunately I don’t know because I still feel this way and struggle with having to be a broken record and playing the same song over and over again. If you ever figure out the answer or solution please contact me and let me know for it’s most and incredibly frustrating to feel as if you have no say or voice in your own home or with your own family isn’t though. The reason I feel this frustration and annoyance is that as a mommy I’m saying the things I say because I’m trying to teach and train my babies and what they need to learn because I love them and want the best for them. I fear when they don’t listen they won’t learn, then they won’t be prepared for what they need in life, then they can’t do what is asked of them in life and they won’t be able to have happy, healthy, safe, fulfilling and good lives.

As I sit and write this article the only things that I can offer you, my follow travelers along this journey of motherhood, and myself is this maybe its is a age or stage thing being that my babies are currently 4 and 7 and that as they get older it will be easier for them as they grown in ability to understand. Secondly, which I confess I have to work on for myself as well in my own journey and it is much more easily said then done. In my annoyance and frustration is to work on trying to be more patient and understanding and not so frustrated. Also I know I will have days where I do better in my efforts and will be have more mommy mountaintop moments and there will days where not so much and will have my mommy valley moments. I can only try to do better and maybe in striving to do better I will provide a better example of being more patient and understating to my babies and hopefully they can learn how to be more patient and understanding of others. I must remember that I as their mommy their first and best teacher of how I wish and hope my babies to be and grow as individuals and prepare for their own life journeys. May I always strive to be more patient, understanding and the mommy that demonstrates what I hope my babies to be in their own lives and journeys. May we as mommies always strive to demonstrate and build our houses of motherhood on the foundation of patients and understating as we journey forward in motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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