Use Your Words

Use your words

One of my most common used and stated mummyism was inspired by what my babies watch on tv. In two of my babies favorite programs of Daniel Tiger and Super Why on PBS each show had an episode where they talked about using your words. In both tv programs the point of this lesson and episode was to help kids correctly identity, express and communicate themselves and their feelings, emotions and thoughts through using their words. Using our words carefully, correctly and wisely is a most invaluable lesson for both babies sand mommies. There is much the can be gained and learned from this lesson the can serve us all well in our journey through life if we learn this lesson. Also though as I and we journey through our own journeys as mommies in motherhood there is much value that can be found in this lesson as well.

As a mommy I have found myself saying this to my babies countless times to ‘use their words’. This comes up all the time in my life in my day as their mommy. One example of this can be when they are trying to tell me something but aren’t making any sense because they aren’t using their words, speaking clearly or using the right words to describe, explain and express what they are trying to tell me. Also another great example that seems to come often with siblings is what they say or how they use their words with each other. I want my babies to learn to use nice, sweet, kind, encouraging, true, pure, polite, respectful words with each other and also how they say their words to each other as the saying goes if not what you say but how you say. The other important part to using your words that I want my babies to learn is learning how to be thoughtful and choosing carefully what and how they say or speak their words to each other and other people.

It also can be said that actions speak louder than words so this got me thinking how can I teach my babies this lesson of using and choosing your words and how to say them. Moreover I wondered where is there a lesson to be learned for me as a mommy as to using my words and choosing what and how I use my own words as a mommy. If I expect my babies to use and chose nice, sweet, kind, encouraging, true, pure, polite, respectful words then also I must myself demonstrate the very thing I want them to learn. I must be mindful of my own use of words, my own word choice and how I use, choose and speak words when I talk to my babies. I must as well use and speak words that are nice, sweet, kind, encouraging, true, pure, polite, respectful when I speak to my babies. I must be thoughtful and conscientious in the words I speak. I want to strive to chose encouraging and uplifting words to use and speak to my babies. I must also consider not just what I say but how I say it. This arguably could be the harder if not the hardest part in the expression use your words. Part of being wise in our word usage and choice is how we say them. I must consider my tone the way I speak the words i use it is sweet or harsh, kind or mean, helpful or harmful. How often do I yell, I know for me that’s a huge one, are my words aggressive instead assertive and firm. In speaking do I speak with a sweet, quite assuring but firm tone. Do I yell at them in public or do I take them off to the side and speak privately with my babies another hard one for me. The words I speak are they harmful, hurtful and negative or are the words I speak helpful, encouraging, uplifting and positive. I can’t teach the truth of the lesson of using your words to my babies if I don’t myself do the same with my babies on a daily basis.

Here is a moment of mommy truth and confession yes i’m not perfect and have my days and or moments where I did not do the greatest in my usage, choice and manner in saying my words. Do i struggle with this as a mommy yes absolutely and will i make more mistakes in the future yes. The lesson of using your words are they hard absolutely they are. Although I think while we need to strive to use and choose our words wisely we also need to know how and when to fix things and make them right in the instances that I and we don’t make the wisest of choices in using and choosing our words which is equally as valuable if not more so then when we do make the great wise use of and choices in our words that we speak to our babies. In my journey as a mommy I hope that I will always strive to say, use and choose the right, sweet, kind, wise, helpful, encouraging, uplifting, and positive words with the correct tones as well. May we always as mommies strive to speak words that are nice, sweet, kind, polite, respectful and what is good, what is pure, what is right and speak helpful, encouraging, uplifting and positive to our babies and over their lives and we journey on as mommies and as our babies journey on in their own journeys in life.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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