A snack, a soak, sleep and sex catch while you can with two

Ladies come get your sleep, snacks, sips, soaking and sex, come get it while it’s here going once, going twice, mama it’s going fast best catch them while there here going a third time. Oops sorry their gone, gone, gone you have had missed your chance for getting more sleep, a snack, sip or soak and sex. Let me see a show of hands of how many of us gals, wives and mothers feel as if we forever and always running, catching things on the run, doing everything on the go and can’t stop to catch our breath much less anything else. I know as a women, wife and mommy I do and that I always feel as if I have had to make choices between things and how to use and spend my time. I felt this way after becoming a mommy with the birth of my daughter but I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much this would be the case and I would feel this with having two babies. The inability to catch a breathe or always chasing and running after things I have been given. a double shot. Yes, there is no getting around choices that is what life is all about and made up of constant choosing between things but as a mommy of two babies why should I have to choose between the very basics of survival and feeling human or like a women especially now more than ever when I need such essential basics for my survival.

This calls for some truth or dare on my part and I will chose truth. The truth is in my own journey as a mommy I can think of numerous and endless examples or times where I was choosing or felt like I had to choose between doing or getting my basic need as a human being, or at least what made me feel more human, attended to and meet. For better or worse or scary I can remember the longest going without a chance to bath was 10 to 12 days. This most extreme example came during the semester of graduate school when I was working on my thesis and my son was 4 months old and not sleeping through the night yet it was rough and most challenging that semester. If you have read my bio and know I lived in New Hampshire and no my not bathing was not a result of power outages due to bad storms in the winter. I can remember on many occasions having to wait to eat until later in the am after being up for several hours. I also have made personal choices to instead of taking the chance to nap or bath I would think no I need to use this time to get ahead and on top of the cleaning or the laundry.

Until June of 2016 I would even have to say no I could use this chance to do school work and then while the kids are out with their daddy clean instead of going out with everyone. Another example of the choices I have felt like I had to make is not go work out on numerous occasions and stay to clean or do homework. I have felt like that I was always trading for instance to do house and or school work but miss out on gym or family time. Enjoy family time but get behind on my house or school work and so forth. For me its seemed to be the this constant shuffling of and juggling of family, school or my mommy duties. Then again I would be so tired from all this juggling and shuffling and feeling immense need for sleep but I snoozed then what else was I let sliding. In my shuffling and juggling of things and trying to choose or make my choices it often came down to simply happening in the ruin of things and everyday life and there just isn’t enough seconds in the minutes of the hours in my day.

Perviously I discussed the choosing and deciding how we use and spend our time and how we prioritize these choices and decisions here I really want to focus on how actually does one go about making and organizing the choices and priorities. The ability to do this become even more crucial, critical and invaluable to me now that I am a mommy of two and more work to do with less time to do in. For some it’s a major struggle and not so much for other and for other to include myself it’s a struggle and challenge because of my own personality and feelings of the need to do it all even though I may know how to organzine and prioritize. It is at this point I would like to share how and what helped me prioritize and organized so that I could choose more wisely and have better balanced usage of my time. Thus not letting my time get away from or make sure I could catch my elusive luxuries of sleep, snacks, sips, soaks and sex as often as possible. I admit it is definitely a struggle and challenge for several reasons mainly my personality and belief I have to do all for everyone and be all to everyone. Also my wanting to do and give my utmost and my best for all because of my deep love and passion for my family and babies. For me if I feel torn between I need to be doing this but yet I need to also being do this such as like spending time with family and my babies yet I have house and school work too I had a really hard time with that.

There were things I discovered in my journey of this constant shuffling and juggling that help me focus my thinking so I could organize and prioritize. For me, my family and babies absolutely have always and will always came first and I try and do try my very best to ensure they were put first. In putting my family and babies first I would think if I do house or school work instead of spending time with my babies and family what was I giving up or is this an instance were it was truly okay for me to take a pass this time knowing next time I wouldn’t miss out. This usually looked like if I had a major term paper due that weekend I would stay home or if it was just a weekly post I would go. House work almost always was in third at the bottom of my list especially if it was outside of the daily surface type cleaning. Next I would decide what absolutely had to be done in my day and could not be put off until tomorrow. Then I would think what can wait to until tomorrow or not be a thing if not done in the same day.

The reason for this question is to remind me that most of my mommy duties aren’t goin g any where and will be awaiting for me tomorrow and for the here and now my babies won’t always be the age they are and won’t always be here in my home asking for mommy come spend time. I want to never put anything above those special amazing fleeting moments. I want to always treasure and cherish the time I have with them now. These are the things that guided and still guide my thinking on how to prioritize or how and what I spend my precious time on. After looking at the reality of my own truth of my journey as a mommy here comes the dare part to this constant choosing, making choices and prioritizing our time as women, wives and mommies. There are a few reasons why we should take the dare and strive to choice and prioritize wisely. In striving to keep the balance we will have more time to take our own sips, snacks, sleep, soaks and sex and not miss out on these things. We will, or at least I do, feel more centered, balanced and sane when not missing out on these basics that help me to feel more human and a like a women. I know I am less stressed, less frazzled and are better able to focus on the important, priceless, precious things of being in the moments with my babies and family. Also I’m able to give more and give a better me to my babies and family. Thus is my goal I’m trying to achieve is to give my best then so I should dare to always strive to catch my sips, snacks, sleep, soaks and sex as much and as often as possible so through prioritizing and choosing wisely in my use of my time I am being my best. I will be able to build and give my babies a strong and steady house of cards of motherhood one made of steadfastness, courage, love, strength and beauty. May we all strive to dare to do so for ourselves, babies and families as we journey as mommies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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