Napping – no rest for the weary

In the work world every job, career, business and place of employment have their own set of rules about time off from work. You have a certain amount of vacation days, holidays, floating holidays, family leave time, bereavement time personal days. Most of these types of days that are given to employees can be paid or unpaid leave days. I heard one time from a friend who worked a funeral home that when employees have death in their own family they get no time off or no bereavement time. Also most companies or employers offer some type of sick days for when someone is sick or has to go to the doctor office and or hospital or whatever. I have a question what is the hardest job one could ever do. If you said motherhood or being a mommy ding ding ding you got it right. Now let me ask this question then if all other jobs get all these types of days off or leave time how is it that the hardest 24/7 and 365 days a year job someone could ever do there is no such thing as sick days, time off, leave days or day for naps and resting. I guess if nothing else the expression of ‘no rest for the weary’ applies to to moms and the days in the life of mommy journeying through motherhood better than anything else right.

Ladies can I get an amen on this one, I mean at least for me I know how many times I wish I could say or have said I need a nap and there is no rest for this weary mama. There have been to many days to count that this was the case and I was hoping for a daily small simple saving grace of a nap. Actually as I write this I’m thinking keep writing or go take a nap because I could sure use one right about now. I mean I always make sure as many times and on as many days as possible I make my babies get there naps. My husband gets to take naps. Moreover when our babies are sick we are the best nurses we can be and do any and everything for them. I know for me I also do this for my husband. The funny and interesting thing is that when I get sick this mama doesn’t get a sick day there is no resting, laying down or stopping to do so. I just have to push through and still be everything to everyone whether or not i’m sick or tired. How is this possible that this is the case. I’m also conceived after becoming a mommy that it is so much harder being sick and it takes longer to get well or get over being sick. This is seems so unfair and one of the few things that would be considered in the con or negatives column that mama have to deal with once they enter into motherhood.

It would be truly amazing to be able to rest, take naps, get sick days or vacation days whenever needed. This is definitely wishful thinking and this mama will have to keep dreaming on. Although what seems to be a continuous and reoccurring theme or underlying problem is that for me, and I believe all members of the motherhood club, is us moms struggle to have, get or achiever having these things of sick days, naps, moments of standing still, moments of silence, snacks and taking breaths and so many other elusive rare luxuries. We go on about our business to the best of our abilities and glad to take care and server our family but it a times a struggle to get the things we need to take care of ourselves and ensure we are filled with what we need so that we can keep doing what we do best and love to do for our babies and families. The only solution I have found is that it is easier when you have a loving and supportive family and or friends that understands the importance of this and allows a mama to get what she needs. Then also the other solution is. that if you want it done right do it yourself meaning that some times if not given then we must take those moments for the rare and elusive luxuries we so desperately need. I know for me isn’t so much in struggling with wanting to take or find moments for the rare needed elusive luxuries but not feeling guilty when I do get to a rare and luxurious moment.

I think for us mamas this is a good reminder of the perspective we need to keep in mind as we travel along our journey through motherhood. When we make a choice regardless of what it is if it is one that is made for the purpose or sake of us being able to keep the balance, our center, our sanity thus keep putting forth and giving our best version to our babies and families then we should not feel guilty. We should not punish ourselves for that choice. We should remind ourselves that we are doing and making choices that are good and what is best for us, our babies and families and such choices are not selfish but actually selfless. Moreover thus allowing ourselves to indulge in rare elusive luxuries is a good choice that should be taken free from guilt and we are doing what is best. Self admittedly I need to take my own advice at times. May I always ensure I have moments for taking rare elusive luxuries I need and that are often times my simple daily saving graces. May I also do so free from being riddled with guilt for indulging in luxuries. May we all strive to keep this prospective in mind and may we strive to keep making such good choices that allow for us to keep giving our best to our babies and families as we continue on traveling this journey through motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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