Standing still is oh so sweet, sweet treat

Sitting here as I write this article it is the month of October and finally to start feeling like fall where am at. Also in October one of the funniest and greatest times that kids look forward to is Halloween. In considering the numerous elusive things in the days in my life as a mommy I have to say that one of the greatest treasured treats for me is to have the ability and time or moments to just simply stand still. Although in these crazy days in the life of being a mommy and in life period it can be quite a trick to have time to just simply be and stand still for a moment. We live in a world of constant and continual flow of movement and motion. I feel as if one can be overwhelmed with the continual never ending swirling and whirling current of movement, motion and as if to be pulled in and not easy to swim out of the current of motion of life and busy days. In my journey as a mommy I have found this to be equally if not more so the reality in the life of my days as a mommy.

Ladies think about your own daily routine and schedule I’m quite sure they are much similar to what my days are. I having feeling if I was speaking to you all I would hear several amens and I hear you sister. For me my day should start at 6am although I get up at 6:15 to start getting kids dressed and breakfast and ready to go to the bus for my daughter’s school day. Then i have the day at home with my son and we do veggie tales, play, snack, working on his reading, maybe color or other things like and then a little tv, then lunch and nap time along with a few other things thrown in there. During nap time is my writing time and maybe, phone calls or other stuff and maybe some housework or whatever else that is needed to be done. Then after nap time it’s to get my daughter off the bus and to do homework, voice lesson, soon basketball and other activities. Then I have to do dinner, bath , story and bed time and prayers. In the midst of all that there is the usual house work, cleaning and laundry. Then by 8pm its finally my time to do my mommy stuff. I don’t know about all of you but that really doesn’t leave much room or time for not moving or standing still. Furthermore I feel as I have days that are a constant and continual swirling whirling wave on never ending motion and movement and that I never can make my way to shore to take a break to catch my breath and come up for air from the swirling whirling current of motion that pushes my day and journey as mommy forward.

In many instances I think to myself when can i just simply stop and take a breathe and have a break to breath. I can’t even imagine time to or the ability of enjoying doing absolutely nothing and doing not one single thing. Furthermore I can’t imagine not having to constantly be juggling, shuffling everything and always having to multi-task every second of my day. The ability to do so would be such a rare elusive luxury to have time to stop, breath, not be in constant or continual swirling whirling current of motion and on the go all the time. I think if could have such moments of time to stand still it could help and be useful for me in catching my balance from the whirring and swirling of my life as a mommy.

It often, at least for me seems impossible at times to have the ability to be able to be still, to have a moment to stop and to take a breathe. You might be sitting there reading this feel the same way and be wondering how am I suppose to do that and find time to do so. I think for me that it is much like the same when trying to grab and carve out the moments of silence that I have for myself in the life in my days as a mommy. I just have to finds ways of taking a moment to breath and be still to slow my roll down, my day and life down. It would be in similar ways that i find the moments of silence that I will find the moments and time to take my breaths. We as mommies must find time to breathe, take our breaks and breaths and to stand still among the constant and continual swirling whirling chaos we call our journeys through motherhood. In doing so we regain our balance, find our focus and then are ready set, go forward with our best version of ourselves for our babies and families. I desire to strive to always give my very best to my babies and family as I continue on this journey of lifetime through my motherhood so I must seek the elusive rare luxuries and treasure them for myself and my babies and family so that they can continually be given the best I can give them. May we as homies always give and offer the best versions of ourselves as we continue on this journey of our motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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