Taking a moment of slience for mommy please

I can remember growing up and my daddy wishing i would be quite more and stop chattering so much at times. I can remember saying to him, especially as I got older, well it’s your fault you two were the ones who decided when I was three to take me to speech therapy because my pediatrician was concerned over my ability to speak and my vocabulary level. So if you din’t want to me talk you should have never taken to speech therapy. It’s so funny to me that we as parent can at time get so tightly wand over things and then when they work out or take place we are like oh my gosh if my child doesn’t fill in the blank. This makes me think as a mommy that there are many expressions that we hear along our journey and there seems to be one that is foreign to children. The expression that comes to mind is that science is golden. Many of you ladies out there may be thinking is also foreign to me after becoming a mommy. I have come to realize that my babies don’t agree or understand and see the gold to be found in being silent.

In my journey as a mommy my babies have followed the expected pattern for speech development my daughter talked sooner and excelled quicker and to this day is a very articulate child. On the other hand my son had the doctors concerned as to his ability and level of speech but I thought I to wait until he turned two because I remember many of my girlfriends who had sons that said it was something about turning two and their boys took off and never looked back. Sure enough that was the case with my son as well and ever since turning two he hasn’t stopped and now he is currently 4. It is totally awesome to me and I absolutely love the chats and conversations I have with my babies and I love to hear what they think, see how there wonderful little minds work, how they see this amazing world and what matters to them. Then again at times if they are both talking at the same or talking to me while I’m trying to do other things especially more than one at a time I think of the gold to be found in silence. Other times I long for this elusive luxury is if I’m on the phone or talking to someone and I wish to do so uninterrupted. Moreover if my daughter is like what were you talking about mommy then I promptly say it was an A and B conversation and C your way out it. For me the reason while I long for at times this elusive luxury is that I miss being to focus, think clearly without always loosing my train of thought and be able to finish my sentence, never mind thought and never the less my point I was trying to articulate or communicate.

It is for these reasonings of wanting to have moments silence and longing for moments of silence or breaks in the chatter we can teach our babies lessons worth learning that are golden. In learning to be silent our babies can learn to be considerate, thoughtful, polite and respectful of others and what others need and need to say. Also the lessons of waiting your turn and have patience can be gained from the instances when our babies need to wait to speak or not interrupt when adults are talking. Also I know for me that when I can get out my thoughts and points and keep one in my head it helps to focus and stay centered. In waiting and letting someone have their turn and having patience our babies can learn the value and importance of being able to focus and concentrate on something and how helpful that can be and that also more can be achieved when focused on something.
People talk about the gold to found at the end of the rainbow as a mommy that is our pot of gold is to have moments of much needed silence. Maybe in the days of our lives as mommies maybe one our daily simple graces to be given this elusive pot of gold filled with moments of silence.

A solution for me in trying to achieve and gain this elusive luxury as a mommy sometimes you have to take what you can get when you can get or do it for your darn self. In my days in the life of being a mommy this may look like taking the moments of silence as they come whether in the early am before my day starts, or late at night before going to sleep. It can also be found in and during nap time or my bath time or on the treadmill working out. Currently for me my parents take the kids to spend time them often and so that gives me alone time and get to rare opportunities for this elusive luxury of enjoying my own pot of gold at the end of my rainbows in motherhood. Also with the elusive pot of gold I find in these moments I can also have the ability and time to focus, think through stuff and have precious and priceless uninterrupted conversation. In wanting and getting these golden moments of silence maybe we can see the mutual immense value to having such moments for ourselves as mommies and what our babies can gain to learn and understand. May I and we as fellow travelers on this journey of motherhood strive to treasure the chats and conversations with our babies but also to teach the lessons of there is much gold in being silent. May we find our own elusive pots of gold that are there to be had at the end of our luxurious rainbows for us to savor and be given even if nothing for our own sanity. Better yet our babies learning the importance and value of the gold to be found in being silence can make our pots of gold eve more valuable, savory, precious and priceless. May we strive to strike the balance between cherishing the chatter of our children and having savory moment of silence. May we and our babies learn that there is a time and place for everything and to see the value to be found in the pots of gold at the ends of each of our rainbows. Through this there is much beauty to behold in our journey through motherhood to treasure as we continue on our journey as mommies with our babies and families. May we always seek and discover the pots of gold to be found at the end our rainbows in our journey through motherhood.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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