My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish

I wish I may, I wish I might this night on this Christmas star so bright but what I wish can’t ever be and never will be again. The wishes that I wish on this Christmas star are to many to count. I wish for times gone by that will never be again. I wish for times of happiness, joy, and laughter shared with you. I wish for the times that brought the brightness and sparkle in my life. I wish for this to have never changed. I wish for all the endless things to be with you and not missed out on by you, us, the babies and our family that we were to have with you together. I long for the memories to continue and to continue being made with you. I long for the memories we shared. I wish to journey forward on with you and us side by side walking hand in hand all of my days to be with you. I wish to share in the life we had together and for all my days to be filled with you. Although I know you are home this Christmas I wish to know that you are and to have you home for Christmas with us, I wish to have the greatest present ever given to me everyday of my life to enjoy all of my days.

I know the wishes that fill the hearts of our precious babies are the same.
I wish to see the smiles and glimmer in their eyes to know they were with their beloved daddy. The expression of joy and delight that shined in their sweet faces when they were with you and being held by you, giving and having hugs and kisses. The smiles of pure joy for them to spend time with you they and I long for. We long for the happiness that was found in being with you in all we did as a family. Our family spot is not the same without. Our home is not the same without you here. In picking our tree all I could see was what it was to pick it with you in years gone by. I wish for the Christmas mornings we shared with you and that we could be with you this Christmas morning. How can there ever be a family picture agin when you won’t ever be in them again. I wish not for this for all this is wrong for you are with us and we are not with you and aren’t all together. Our hearts are forever broken and shattered to never to be the same.

I wish for our bean to have fishing trips with you and daddy daughter dates. I wish for the times where she would be surprised and so happy when you would be there waiting to pick her up at the bus stop after school. I miss her joy and excitement when she knew you were with her on her school field trip. I wish for the time when she would crawl up in your lap for daddy snuggles. I wish for no new learnings or new discoveries or milestones to be missed by you. I wish that our princess to know the example of who you were and so she know who to grow to love for her own life. I wish for her to see what is to be seen as captivating and beloved by her prince I wish for you dance with your princess and on her special day to dance to Cinderella as you always did. I wish for you to walk with her along her journey and see her grow into the wonderful and beautiful women she will become. I wish for her to know her father and remember you always and never to forget your love for her your sweet precious princess.

I wish for our sweet blonde superman to always know how incredible super you were and I wish for them to know the hero you truly were. I wish for you to be able to do amazing father son things with our dinosaur boy and teach him to be wild at heart and journey forward being wild at heart to live the adventure, fight the battle and seek the beauty of his heart and eye. I wish for no new learnings or new discoveries or milestones to be missed by youI long for him to know how to become the man you were and he is suppose to be. I wish for you to see all that he will become and grow into the handsome and amazing man he will become. I long for all the things that he will do and experience to be done with you and his travels his own journey. I wish for him to always know his father and remember and never to forget your love for him your sweet precious baby boy.

I wish for things that could have been but are snuffed out forever never to be had by you, me, us, our babies and our family. I wish for the dream of you retiring and having your life long dream of fulfilling your 20 in service to this country and then us moving to the next chapter in our journey as family. I long for journey of raising our babies together and having a lifetime together as a family and seeing what was to unfold for our family. I long for the dreams of traveling and showing our babies this life and world and helping find their own ways in it with both of us. My heart longs for all these things and wishes for so much more never to be fulfilled.

I wish for the times we were a couple and as one. I wish for the times and memories to continue. I wish to know the happiness I had and knew with you. I wish for my heart not be broken and shattered into so many pieces that cant not ever be made whole. I wish for to be with you again. I wish to be laying on your chest and hear and feel your heart beating once more as I lay next to you in your arms. I wish to be walking hand in hand side by side journey forward and to always accompany you. I wish for the sight of your face, smile and the glimmer of your beautiful almond brown eyes that I could get lost in forever. I long to be by your side in your arms and laying next to you. I long to hold you and to be held by you. I long for your sweet comforting embrace. I long for a lingering kiss under the mistletoe or just to feel and touch you again with a kiss.I long to gently, softly and sweetly to touch and crease you again and to be by you and find myself embraced by your hug knowing I’m home and place was with you for home is where the heart is. I long for my heart and home to be with you always and forever. I wish to hear your voice and hear you say I love you my beautiful and to say and hear sleep well, sleep tight sweet dreams and sweet kisses my love as we drift away to dream land. Maybe that is my wish to be in a dream land were we can meet again and be together once more forever and always. I wish for our talks and chats as we would sit. I wish for our life and doing life together. I yearn for the dreams we dreamed to be of all our adventures and journey we wanted to take together around the world and in life. I dreamed of the chances not taken and missed out on such as Berlin, Belfast and so many countless more. I long to be your Allie, Ruth and Red Rose all my days. I long for you my Boaz, Noah and my love always forever. Always and forever will I love you and long for you and miss you with all my heart, with every breath I take and for all my days will I be yours. I wish to have the greatest present ever given to me everyday of my life to enjoy all of my days.
These are the Christmas wishes of my heart I wish for you and you alone.



About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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