Free Time that is Foreign to me

One the best classic rock bands and one of my very favorites is the band who I learned about from my husband is the band Styx. They have a song entitled “To much time on my hands”. This song speaks about having nothing to do and all day to it and having to much time on their hands and just sitting around wasting time. I can definitely say I wish had that problem and that is not my reality in my daily life as a mama. I’m quite certain that is problems none of us have and that I could get an Amen on that truth of motherhood. I mean its actually the exact opposite I don’t have enough time on my hands. I never can say I have nothing to do its usually I have to much to do and my list to do is endless and with not enough time to do it in. When I hear someone say in my free time I do…. I think to myself I don’t understand. I mean what is free time and what does that mean. These words of free time are foreign to me and I know nothing of this thing they speak of free time.

In my journey as a mama I find more times than not the hands of time are most assuredly not my friends and they are my foes who do not help. In the days of my life as a mama I find myself racing against the hands of times and trying to hurry, catch my breathe and always trying to beat a clock to get everything done. I’m constantly going, going and going form sun up to sun down. Yet even though I’m constantly doing, going and busy some how I always feel behind and that I’m always on the losing side of this battle for time in my journey as a mommy. I mean I can on any given day give the proof of how productive my day was and what all I got done but some how there is always and forever more to be done for another day. I mean between, never ending laundry, folding clothes, cleaning (picking up after people), projects, cooking, dishes, appointments, school work (until June 2016), and on and on and on it goes. There is truly not enough of me or not time in the day for me to have to do all I have to do.

I have to wonder what is the answer to winning this continuous losing battle and who are we to beat the clocks of our daily lives in motherhood. I guess the answer is the other expression if you can’t beat them join them. I guess you might be thinking how does that help or what does that have to with this. Well here is what I would say one option of what if you cant beat them join them is exactly that join in with the kids and your family. The work and lists to do aren’t going anywhere although the days of precious fleeting moments with our babies and families are and won’t always be here to savor. The other answer for us to be able to finally beat the clock would be for us to realize we will never have enough time or get all done because we simply can’t but what we can do is this. We can learn to be experts at making the most of our time and maximizing it, using the most of our time to the best of our abilities. We can prioritize how we use our time and learn how to make good wise green choices in our use of our time and when and where we can say this is what is needed or this can wait. We can learn that in those good green choices those are choices that are okay and no need to have guilt over them. We can learn to know when to say let’s stay focus and get our list done or when to say the list can wait and focus on our babies and families. Yes this is easier said then done and some days I do better then others. In doing these things this is how we beat the clock in our daily lives as mamas and it is learning, mastering and a juggling act of motherhood by finding the balance. Seeing, getting and keeping our own balance we will be victorious and defeat the foes that are the hands of time. May I as I journey forward in my motherhood always and forever strive to do my very best to seek and master this juggling act and find my own balance as a mommy and in my motherhood. May we all seek to let this be our goal of finding our owe ways of beating this clock that we have in our daily lives as mommies. In doing so we can go forward being the mommies we want for ourselves, our babies and families building our house of cards of motherhood we want for our families as we journey forward.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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