I Need a Little Help from My Girlfriends

There is a great song by the Beatles “I get by with a little help form my friends” and we all heard the expression it takes a village. This is no less true in motherhood. After becoming a mommy and entering into motherhood I learned the meaning of worry. I worried over my babies more than I ever had before in my life. There is so much to be concerned about it from the littlest of to the biggest of things and everything in between. I know for me as a mommy I would and still worry about how my babies are doing, growing and developing in all areas like physically (diet, nutrition, exercise, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, educationally (once in school) spiritually and so on. One really important area of concern is how they are doing and developing socially. In my own motherhood this was a particular concern because I knew that their ability to be with friends and meet people would be strongly potentially hampered by my own limitations of not being able to drive due to my visual impairment. So I worried about how they would get to chances to interact and develop socially, make friends and have play dates. Equally though I also worried about my own play dates with my friends. I learned one of the best ways to help with my worry was to get by and take help from my village of girlfriends as I journey forward in my motherhood.

I remember my daughter, and still does, asking what about my friends when can I go over or have them over. I think she would and does say this so often is for a variety of reasons. One is that she loves her friends and that is so amazing. Also my daughter is such a social flitting butterfly. Moreover because of my limitations of not being able to drive and thus being a truly stay at home mom all the time and not being able to leave the house or get out unless with my husband or people who were willing to come and pick us up. If there were chances for being with friends or having play dates most of the time it would be people had to come to us and sometimes that’s not always easy especially when we lived in New Hampshire and one of there best and closet friends lived 45 mins to an hour away. I remember always worrying about and still do about having people being understanding and gracious enough to help with this by either coming to us or letting their kids hang out at our home or come get us because I didn’t my kids to have do without of pay the price because of something to do with me and out of there control. It wouldn’t be fair to them. I always tried to work hard to provide and create as many opportunity as possible. Equally though it was the case for me as well with my own girlfriends. I remember when I would have the rare girls time like on a girls night out I remember my daughter saying what about my time or playdate with my friends. I remember saying to her you get time with your girl friends and so shouldn’t mommy get time with her friends.

Hey ladies I don’t know about you but I know for this momma I need help and time with my girlfriends any and very chance I get. There is so much to be said for making and taking the time with our girl friends. I know for me there is and I get so much out of the time with my girlfriends. I get to enjoy amazing time and make new amazing memories with great friends who I love dearly. I get a break form being a mommy and get to enjoying myself by having adult uninterrupted time, meal and conversation. Having this time with my friends gives me a chance to refresh, recharged, relax, restore and rejuvenate by getting the much needed break and take some time for me. The other thing that I found is that when I with my friends who are also mommies the ability to talk about the kids, being a mother, problems with the kids and in my motherhood it does a few things. One is that I would realize and think okay I’m not the only one who is whatever fill in the blanks and it just isn’t me and I’m not alone in this whatever it was at the time. Secondly it would help to hear fellow mommies who were and or are doing the same thing and experiencing the same stuff as I am as we all journey through motherhood. Thirdly often time hearing what my girlfriends had to say or were doing was most helpful and a great way to get ideas and suggestions for me and what and how to do it. It is true two and three heads are better than one. This is no less that case of when two, three or more mommies get together. The last thing for me that came as a result of having time with my girlfriend it was another and amazing way to get my sips, soaks, breaks and breaths in through having time with the girls.

As a mommy as I continue to journey forward one of the best things I can do is to ensure that I’m getting my sips, breaks, soaks and breaths in through whatever ways I can. If that is napping when I can, taking baths when I can, getting to exercise or getting my bites and snacks in, enjoying my hobbies, relaxing when I can, getting date nights then that is always, as I would say a parental positive or a mommy mountaintop moment, a great thing and a win/win for me and everyone else. This is just much the case for me getting help from my girlfriends by getting time with my girls. In spending time with my friends I get to relax, a break, refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated. Remember as they say if momma ain’t happy nobody is happy. In this case when mom is happy, balanced, centered and sane everyone is sane thus everything goes much better for everyone all around. If this, for me, can be accomplished through getting help from my girlfriends by getting my own play dates and time with my girls then so be it and here is to time with my girls. May I as a mommy always strive to be, do, and put my very best forward for my babies and family as I journey forward. May I always look for ways that help in keeping me balanced, centered, sane so I can always be my very best and give my very best to my family and babies as a mommy and it that means getting help from my girlfriends by spending time then I will take some help and time with my friends Here is to always journeying forward in motherhood along side my girlfriends helping, supporting and encouraging each other to always be our best for ourselves, families and babies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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