I’m a Free Bird

In today’s world and life so many people have such incredible busy lives and demands of their time pulling them in every which way. It’s so chaotic that I think we all stay permanently in a state of dizziness from the spinning, swirling, whirling, spinning, swirling and whirling to the point of spinning out of control. I have to wonder if this is what it is like to have Vertigo and how many may suffer from life Vertigo. We in our society cram so much into our days and lives between work, school, family, friends, community obligations, maybe church, kids, hobbies, if there is time, and so much more This is the reality for so many but even more so the case for moms and in the reality of motherhood. How many ladies out there have mommy or life vertigo. Maybe the cure to life and mommy Vertigo is to find the time, no matter how much or often, take the sips, breaths and breaks to help slow down the spinning, swirling, whirling and provide a redeem for our life and mommy vertigo by providing opportunities to be free birds, even just for a little while to catch one’s balance, get centered and focused and be free form one’s mommy vertigo.

I never felt so free as I did after June 2016 when I had earned my master’s and graduated certificate and completed all of my graduate work. After five years of that crazy amount of hard work I decided to take off for a whole month and do absolutely nothing outside of what I wanted or had to do. It was truly glorious and the very best thing ever. My children learned very quickly that mommy was a free bird and was totally loving it. My daughter at the time keeping saying ‘Mommy you are sure glad to be a free bird and that’s because you get more time with us your babies.” I said yes baby girl absolutely. I quickly discovered that just how much time had been taken up by my graduate work for those five years and also just how much incredibly much more time I had on my hands not eaten up or taken up by my graduate work. I now easily had 20 to 50 plus hours back in my week to do whatever I wanted with and to be much more freer to do with and spend my time however I so pleased and do with as I saw fit. In having this extra pleura of time now it also went a long way for curing a five year constant stent of what felt like major life and mommy vertigo. It was truly amazing to be a free bird flying and flitting around to wherever I chose to do and spend my time on. I had the freedom not to be tied to graduate and having to commit all my time to it and not having the freedom and liberty to choose to do what I wanted with my time whether that was house work, nap, watch tv, do projects, read, write, relax and rest, play or whatever for myself or with my husband and our family. It that made me feel totally free and exhilarated I can’t even begin to imagine what September of 2018 will feel or be like when my sweet baby boy goes to Kingtergarden and my sweet baby girl will be in 3rd grade and both my babies are in school. Thus affording and allowing me to have from 8am to 3pm all day every day Monday through Friday every week all to myself to do with as I please. This will be the case for the first time in eight years what a dream. I can just imagine it now.

I admit it will be oh so bitter sweet, hard and wonderful all at the same time but this will be the true meaning of being a free bird. When I say I’m a free bird I’m not saying freedom form being a mommy or the best job ever or my mommy duties. As any mommy would understand and relate to that in the ever so very overly and constant busy non-stop, go, go life of motherhood vertigo its nice to have moments, times and days when we as mommies have chances and opportunities to be free to slow down, catch our breaths, take our sips and relax, catch our balance and having a chance to center ourselves and focus. There is nothing wrong or negative about needing a break and wanting time to be a free to do so for oneself. I swill see for myself in the fall having the 40 hours of free time for myself as having numerous positives and benefits for me, my babies and my family. I can use this new block of space and free time to be a free bird to take as many sips, breathes, breaks to relax, catch my balance, and making sure I’m centered by having time to eat more leisurely, work out and feed my body, relax and take the time for the feeding of my mind and soul. Also I can have more time to focus work like getting more writing time in and if I’m online teaching try to get most of my work done during the day or at night. Then as I can I fit in my hobbies and projects.This will be a most enormous and monumental dose of the remedy for my mommy and life vertigo. Then the clock strikes 3pm I can be then a focused, centered and balanced mommy who can give more of her complete attention to her babies.

For me that would be the perfect just what the doctor order RX and doses for my mommy and life vertigo. Don’t worry ladies I’m fully aware that the really is not this picture perfect. As we are all different and unique we must each find our own perfect unique RX and redeemed of our own life and mommy vertigo for we are all unique. My point is one I can dream but more so in being even more a free bird I hope to strive for this and take advantage and enjoy what this will allow me to do as a free bird. I feel as if I work towards this, at least for me, that in having this new found opportunities to be a free bird that I can find time to take the sips, breathes, breaks and more doses of the redeems for my mommy and life vertigo that will allow me to be more balanced, centered and focused. If that’s the case then I will be a better me and can give a better version of me to my babies and family. May we all find in whatever way and amounts to be a free bird to ensure

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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