I’m Not a Mind Reader

Our babies as they grow often come to love the ideas of a hero and better still a super hero. Our babies often times have a favorite superhero maybe wonder woman, batman, cat woman, spider man, superman or any other number of super heroes. I have often wondered why is there such an affinity or fascination with super heroes for kids. Is it the idea of good overcoming evil. Is it the idea of getting the bad guy and good wining. Then again is it all the cool super powers super heroes have and wishing we had their powers. If my babies could have a super power I wonder would which one would they pick. Would it be the power of flying. Would my babies pick to be able to defy gravity. Would they choice to have spidy sense. I wonder if they would pick to be able to be fast as a lighting or a bullet. Would my babies pick to transform into something else and what wold they transform into. Would they pick to have the power of camouflage. Just as our babies wish to be super heroes with awesome super powers we as moms aspire to be super moms and wish for our own amazing super powers as mommies.

In my journey as a mama for the last 8 years one of my ‘favorite’ (insert roll of the eye) things I think is that my babies at times expects me to know everything that they want, need without telling me. I can’t tell you have many times I have said ‘use your words / tell me what you need or want’ because I’m not a mind reader. I understand or don’t know why in motherhood its assumed or expected that we are mind readers. I just love it when my babies say they want or need something but won’t tell me what it is or use their words. The worse for me is when my babies point and I’m going like mommy can’t see that please show me better or tell whatever it is they need or want. It’s in times or days like these that I wished and think that I could have s super power it would be the super power of reading people’s minds. Imagine if we could read our babies minds how much easier and simpler our jobs as would be and our days as mama.

In your own journey as a Mama what super power would you want or wish for. What do you think you would gain from having a super power. Also what would power have you thought would be great to have that would make you a super mommy. While yes it’s true having any super power would be super awesome as mommies in my case reading minds but I have to wonder maybe our super powers that make us super mommies for our babies are things that we already have. Instead of a cool cape, or flying or super spider sense, even though or at leas for myself, I’m not perfect as a mama there are things I do and have that I hope make me super to my babies. Maybe our super powers as super mommies are fond in ourselves and how we love and care for our babies. Maybe my super powers are in how I love my babies, in how I snuggle and cuddle them. Maybe it’s in how I care and comfort for their hurts and when they are sick or sad. Maybe its in how I make them feel special. Maybe it’s in how I provide for and protect my babies. Maybe its in how I teach and raise my babies. Maybe my super power come form being the best mommy I can be and giving my babies my very best every day. Maybe its in being there every single day without fail even on those days it seems that I’m powerless and its an impossible and overpowering job as a mommy. Those are the best and most super things we can do for our babies. Its in these things that I and we as mommies are super mommies for our babies. May I and we always and forever journey forward continue to be our very best super mommy selves for our babies.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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