Romance, Daning and Dating

Often times as mommies or as parents we think or consider what gifts we should or can give our babies. We wonder what are the best gifts to give or get our children. We wonder what would they like or how much we should get them. These questions seem to fill our thoughts more during times of our babies birthdays or like times around holiday such as Christmas. Also in these questions of giving gifts it could be more of in life what are the greatest things we can give our babies. Is the greatest the gift the gift of a great education, health, a life of free from challenge and that is a life of great ease, is it is a life filled with all their wishes and whims. Is the greatest gift we can give our babies is of happiness, joy, peace, stability, security, time or love. These are all great gifts to consider and many are all truly amazing gifts beyond measure that are and should be given. Another gift worth considering giving to ones children is the gift of date night.

What is a date night if you are reading this and asking yourself that question that is is a great question and I’m glad you asked this question. Let’s look at the words of this expression it is saying that one choses to take time to set a time aside for a specific purpose of making a date for whomever whatever. In the case of me and my husband we take time to spend together as a couple and make ourselves as a couple and our marriage a priority for ourselves, our babies and our family. In making this a priority we are ensuring time for us to have together as a couple to reconnect, focus on us and spend time together. In doing this we are giving our children the gifts of stability, security, happiness, peace, joy and love. In doing this we are ensuring that we can give them our very best and best versions of ourselves. We are also giving them the gift of growing up in a home that is safe, secure and stable with to loving parents in it who love each other and love them. This also gives another gift of an example of what marriage is and how husband and wife should be and do together. Most date night we would go out whether to dinner, movies, shot pool or a book store or whatever but some times we would have one right at home watching a movie or reading together or talking. This was time set aside for just us to spend time together no matter when or where it took place. How, when or where you do your own date nights the answer ultimately lies with you in what you make your date night look like or how you do them and how many you take but the point it that you make it priority to take them. The definition can change and evolve as well. It’s your date night you get chose, define and make it what you want it to be.

In writing this article I’m fulling aware that every mommy or parent isn’t in the same situation as me, married, and that there are all kinds of unique circumstances that we all are in as we journey through our motherhood/ parenthood. The idea is the same and the same goal can be achieved. If you are involved in a relationship that is with someone who is involved with your babies or family then to give your babies these gifts make sure you make that person and relationship a priority. Date nights aren’t just for couples remember a date night is time taken and set aside for a specific purpose. In the case of a mommy who is single this could be you make your own date night and then you can truly define it for yourself and make it whatever you want it to be. It could be whether your babies are home or not that you take time for yourself and make whatever is calling your name to be attended in your daily life wait until tomorrow. This may be a night where you take a relaxing bath, have a favorite beverage, indulge in a special or favorite treat, read that favorite or new book, watch a good adult movie, catch up with a old friend on the phone. It could be you sleep more and get your rest in. It could be you take time to give to a hobby you enjoy. If you babies are occupied and not home it could be a night out by yourself or with your girlfriends. The goal is to take time and give it to yourself to have time for you and you alone, to rest, relax, recharge, rejuvenate to take that sip, that breath and then be ready and refreshed to face the world and the new day after your date night.

In our journey as mommies we love our babies and would do anything for them but there are times we need me O’clock time at least this mama does. I mean being a mommy is the very best and hardest job I could ever do but in every job one needs and get a break, time off or day off expect in motherhood. Since in motherhood we don’t get these times and days off we have to make it part of our job to ensure these date nights for ourselves, babies sand families. We are doing ourselves and our families a favor in doing this more than by not doing this. For me I feel refreshed, centered, refueled, and balanced and if I’m these things I can be a better mommy to my babies. For me date nights give me these things. May I always make it a priority to take date nights and may I always find ways for taking date nights. May we all as we journey along always define and make our own date nights an integral and essential part of our journey for ourselves, babies and families as we strive to give our babies the very best gifts we can offer them as their mommies.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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