Does Mommy Really Know Best

There was another show back in the 1950’s that would play on Nick at Nite and it was called Father Knows Best. It was’t necessarily one of my favorites but it was a good show. This idea and expression seems to be something I remember hearing a lot when I was growing up that mom, dad or parents knows best. I was taught or thought that the reason for this was that they were the adults and more importantly my parents. The reason for this is for one thing it’s like also said that you don’t live a long time by being stupid. The hope and thought is that the longer one lives they have learned more and are smarter, wiser, more knowledgeable and experienced. If this is to be true for any particular individual then they are most likely to know best in the matter at hand and in most matters. I knew when I was a kid growing up that my parents were smart, wise and knew what was best. Moment of truth, shhhhhhh! it’s a secret though my kids can’t know do I, now the mama, really know what is best. In my own journey as a mama I have pondered this question for myself more times than I care to count.

In my journey as a mama I have endless days, it seemed like at times, that I asked myself “Does MaMa or I really know best” or “have I got this whole motherhood thing figured out” or “I’m doing this right”. I can remember thinking this when there were times that either my daughter or son was struggling with improving a certain behavior or listening. I remember struggles with Potty Training with my Son and partly with my daughter and thinking we will never get this. I remembering thinking I must be doing something wrong why I can’t figure this all all out. I remember there seem to be a struggles with learning how to clean their room and staying focus on doing chores. I’ve have wondered I’m teaching the right things and what they need to know. Am I teaching them enough of what they need or am I teaching and reaching my babies how they need to be reached and taught. Am I demonstrating before them what I need to be exemplifying before them. I’m doing my best for my babies.

In my consideration of these questions I have to remember that I’m a mama and not a all knowing know- it-all. There is something to be said for being okay with not have all the answers. Also maybe the question shouldn’t be whether I know best but do I know what is best for my children. There is a big difference in knowing what best and knowing what is best for you child. As I have journeyed in my motherhood journey for the last eight years I have discovered I don’t know everything and don’t have all the answers. I have also learned, grown and evolved much. It is in my learning as a mama to my two precious babies I have learned even though I don’t know what is best all he time I know what is best for my two babies like no other. I know who they are, what they need and thus I can know what is best for them. So maybe in my moments of doubt and questioning all these things maybe I should remember that the most important thing is that I know best for my babies. In knowing what is best for my babies then this mama does know what is best. In my continuing to learn, grow and travel through motherhood I will continue to know what is best for my babies and family. May we all as mamas to our babies as we all continue to travel through our own journeys of motherhood strive to learn, grow and evolve so we can always, always know what it is best for our families and babies. May we always know that we do our best , as mamas to our babies, know what is best and never doubt that in our journeys as mommies.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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