I Wish, I Wish that I was Samatha

I wish, I wish that I was Samantha

When I think back to when I was growing up and a kid/teenage I think I was a weird kid at least in what I would watch and do on the weekends and during the summers growing up. When I was growing up in Jr high and High school on Nick at Nite used to play all the really old shows. I mean today I’m sure the kids today would think Friends and Seinfeld are old so I mean the really old shows from back in the day like the 50’s and 60’s. Like I said I was weird I can remember staying up late on Friday and Statuary night veggie out on some of my favorite shows like, The Donna Reed show, Green Acres, My three sons, Mr. Ed, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Mary Tyler Moore show, I Love Lucy Show, The Patti Duke Show, Debbie Gillis Show, The Andy Griffon Show, I Dream of Jeannie, The Brady show, Get Smart, Dragnet among many others. Although I must say one of my all time favorites was Bewitched show it was so funny to me. I loved seeing Samantha doing all her magic and getting everything just like that a snap of the fingers or in her case a twitch of her nose. I was in awe and wondered how she could do that. I remember thinking which I could get my chores and especially my homework done like Samantha did.

Now lets fast forward to 2013 and beyond when I’m the wife and mama and even thought I don’t have homework anymore I still have chores. Just now its all the chores of the whole house. It seems like that in life and motherhood is no different but we have so many roles and hats to wear. Let it be said ladies Ain’t that the true especially as wives and mamas. I mean for most of us we have to and on any day can be found doing our roles as the cook, maid, wash woman, running a laundry mat, nanny, teacher, and taxi driver. Also for some maybe being a handy woman, a nurse, a playmate, the social secretary and book keeper or account. In today’s society never mind if we also have a job in the real world outside of the home on top of all these other roles like most of us do. For me in trying to do all these roles and wear all these hats it seems like that I’m always and forever doing chores, chores and more chores. I always wanted to be a princess but I never wanted to be in a constant or perpepatul state of being Cinderella. As my constant state as Cinderella it’s seems like that one the work keeps piling up, it never ends and I’m always behind. To make it more so it seems like everytime I make head way or turn around there is more work or what I did got destroyed or undone. I agree with the two posts I saw on Facebook time. There is no point in trying to clean house until the kids are in college. Then second I wondered if I should try with my baby girl. The post said that my daughter asked for a Cinderella party so I invited all her friends over to clean. Whoever created these posts on Facebook is brilliant.

My next question is when can I be Samantha from Bewhitched and what’s her secrect. It’s not fair that she didnt’ share or spill the beans about her trick to her secret ability of twitching her nose and getting everyone done. Fellow mama this leaves us with a question and quandary to solve if we don’t want to be Cinderella 24/7 for the rest of our lives in motherhood how can be Samantha from Bewithched. Unfortunately we don’ all live in the wonderful world of tvland and we have to live in reality so how do we stop feeling as if we are Cinderella without being Samantha. I’m still trying to figure that out if you figure it out let me know okay. There are a few things to consider in trying to solve this for ourselves in our lives in the days of bing mamas. First of all I have to realize unfortunately I’m not Samantha and never will be. Secondly I can’t do everything use again I’m not an octopus. Since we aren’t Samantha or octopuses what is our options for curing our daily case of the Cinderella Blues. I must admit I’m always for hiring a maid and I’m unashamed and have no guilt in that. I rather have my sanity then my vanity.

Although that is not realistic for all of us so you may ask what are the other options. Even though we all have to find our own way as we journey forward there are other things I have found that have cured my daily Cinderella blues. For one thing as my babies get older they can do more for themselves, chores and things around the home. Having children, I know this might be a wild, crazy and radical thought, help and work in not cruel or unusual punishment nor is it child abuse. Also my babies are both now school age and so that helps keep things manageable and they are getting better and more able in their chores. A third solution is more of a way of thinking or point of view our one’s daily Cinderella blues. Prioritize what needs to be done and how to mange things and your time you have to do all these mama roles. Also remember what is priority and never loose sight of what is most important. Once these crazy chaotic days are gone they are gone forever never to be again. Treasure and savor what is in the hear and now moments of today that are so flitting. The bottom line since none of are Samantha on Bewitch and we all have daily Cinderella blues we must find our own way of making this thing we call motherhood for our babies, our families and ourselvess. As long as we find the way that best works for us that allows for each of us to be sane, balanced, focused and centered thus being and giving our very best selves to our babies and families then that is all that matters. We don’t need to be Samantha, as wonderful as that would be, because we are giving and doing what best as momma and for out babies. That can be the very best magic ever the magic of being and doing our best. As long we do that we can all say as journey on in motherhood we’ve so got this things we call motherhood.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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