Let it Go, Let it Go in My Motherhood


In 2014 after completing my thesis semester in graduate school, although late, we took my daughter to see the movie Frozen. We all know and have heard maybe more than we wanted to the main song of Let it Go. Feel free to insert the rolling of the eyes and and covering your ears at the thought of that song if you wish. Despite one’s feelings towards that song the song does in fact have a good point. We have often heard it said in life that less is more or to breathe and keep calm and carry on. The common thread and thought behind all these saying or expressions is that one could benefit from stopping, taking a breath, unwinding, relaxing and taking a step back. In much of my motherhood food for thought the idea I have tried to present is of taking a sip, taking a breath and relaxing. I admit for some of our fellow mommies, myself absolutely included, that is much easier said than done for sure. In considering this idea of letting go I must wonder what would be the result in my life and my journey as a mama if I Let it Go.

It should be taken into consideration what does one mean by Let it Go or even still what would one be letting go of. The idea of Letting Go can involve countless and endless things. For starters it can be letting go of extras (they are called extra for a reason), unneeded stuff and clutter. Letting go could be doing away with things that are no longer used. On a deeper level or way letting go could be involve releasing things from the past, negativity or toxic things, memory or sadly people even. One could let go of some old feelings that have been bottled up inside. Letting go could be choosing not to do certain things anymore. We all have things that we can or may need to let go of.

In my journey as mama this is no less different. There have been things that I have had to let go of as I have traveled my journey. Either because certain things didn’t serve me well or I didn’t need as a mama. Then again certain things could had been let go of for the sake of preserving my sanity. While we are all special, unique and different individuals and mamas and so our journey are different as well. We will find out what one mama lets go of on her journey will be be different for another mama on her own journey. For me in my own journey I have found striving for letting go of my, at least in part and in some ways, perfectionist, OCD, type A tendencies. Also for me trying to be not so rigid and be more flexible. I have had to work on letting go of my expectations for my babies and also for myself as mama. One major way I have worked on letting go, just for the sheer simple fact of my survival, is if it impacts my sanity then it has to go. I have learned its not worth it to drive myself crazy risking my sanity. So I consider whether or not if this will cost me my sanity or impact it then I say no, good bye and absolutely LET IT GO!!!! For in part of maintaining my sanity is ensuring I get my sips, breaths, breaks, put my feet up and relax. If in trying to keep doing everything and hold to everything is going to intrude and hamper me getting my sips, breaths, breaks and relax then its not worth it. For in getting my sips, breathes, putting my feet up I”m protecting my sanity. What will you strive to let go of in you own journey through motherhood.

I challenge myself and all my fellow mamas to see what that it is that you can let go of in your own journey. May you strive to look for things that you can let go of that will preserve your sanity. May I and we all go forward in our won journeys as mamas to find ways and things of how we can let go of. May I and we in our own ways and journeys letting go will ensure we are getting our sips, breathes, brakes and relax. In doing this we are ensuring, protecting and preserving our sanity for our own ourselves, our babies and families. In letting It Go we can continue going forward in our own journeys being and doing our best and giving our best to our babies and families. If this is the result of letting go for me, my babies and family I will gladly journey on in my motherhood knowing that less is definitely more. Here is to journeying forward through motherhood on letting it go.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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