Looking for My Comeback

Some of the greatest stories ever told are stories of success, victory and triumphs over difficult trials, hard struggles, challenging battles and tragic tribulations. Moreover this is the case when its a story of a person fighting their way back. For sports fan there is nothing better than when your team is down and they fight their way back into the game, and then take the lead and better still when they win and are found to be victorious. When that happens it always said what a great come back. This is no less the case in the struggles of life. There is nothing better than an amazing story in life when someone has struggled, fought hard, overcome and been victorious and had a life story of making a comeback. These stories are often to be the most admirable and inspiring.

In my own life of much struggle, difficult challenges, and hard hurdles to overcome I find myself asking question about making comebacks. I mean in life what is a reasonable expectation for thinking a persons can just keep getting back up again and again and again and again no matter how many times before or how many struggles they have pushed through. No matter how many challenges they have conquered. How many trails are they suppose to endure and overcome. What is reasonable when is enough enough. How can it be reasonable to expect that same persons to keeping doing and trying to keep getting back up and keep fighting and trying to find their comeback and fight their way back from one more thing in their lifetime. Who gets to say what and how many struggles to take on, how many times they must try to come back from or when enough is enough. How many times is someone expect to try to fight to make another comeback as so many that have been endured and done.

In my short journey of 39 years of life (soon to be 40) I have been disabled (legally blind) my whole life since birth. Although born totally blind I was blessed at 7 months old to be given the amazing gift of all my sight though impaired. I’m always immensely and immeasurably thankful for the gift of my sight but being legally blind doesn’t come without its hardships and endless battles. In my 20’s I was in a most difficult marriage that has its own set of usual circumstances that resulted in me getting divorce at 26. More recents events I speak of when in April of 2017 at 38 I found myself to be a disabled widow and a single mother of my two small babies when I learned of my husband of almost 10 years death. How do I come back from this event that has occurred when I have already strived to achieved much and have been determined to over come so much before this new tragedy and trial. Can I really keep fighting back and coming back form the hardships of my life’s journey. What is possible and what is reasonable for me and my life’s journey as I continue along this journey through life.

If its reasonable to keep expecting that of someone then how does that person go about fighting their way back once more and finding their way back to one more come back in their life. I must wonder is this possible for me one more time and to fight through one more struggle and challenge in my life after a lifetime of fighting, struggle and striving to overcome so much. If so what is my own new comeback suppose to be, look like. How and who defines what constitutes and what it should be and or how do it once more. Is there a right or wrong definition, method or answer for my next comeback if even possible. Can I say I’m out and down for the count of my life’s journey. Can I say what I want to be my comeback and will that be okay it doesn’t appear to be the comeback that is expected and should be the comeback desired by others for my life. How do I keep coming back in my life’s journey when I’ve been dashed, thrown and crashed against the shores time and time and time again of in my life’s journey.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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