Swirling, Swirling around lik a whirling whirling whirl pool

One of my most favorite ways to get my sips, take my breaths, get my breaks and relax is to enjoy relaxing in a hot tub with the whirling, softly swirling bubble and hot water just soaking and relaxing. I mean there isn’t anything better expect maybe with a great beverage and good company. I think it’s funny that my babies like to be in the whirlpool. Although what I’m talking about is me in the whirlpool for my MeO’clock mommy time. I mean when I’m in a hot tub I can just kick back and soak up the rest and relaxation and just be totally cam and unwind to free my body and mind of anything at all. Considering my love of whirl pools once entered my journey as a mama it was total and complete surprise that to find myself in the spinning, swirling whirling whirlpool of my motherhood was nothing like being in the whirl pools I had previously experienced. Who could have ever thought that my new mommy whirl pool would be not like I expected and I would find myself totally surprised upon entering into my new mommy whirlpool

It is such an odd thing to me that to know that a whirl pool that I love, love, love to be in for the pleasure of unwinding and relaxing that when finding myself in my real life mommy whirlpool I would experience something most definitely not the same. How can a whirl pool and swirling, whirling, bubble can mean and feel like two totally different things. My spinning, swirling whirling mommy whirl pool causes me not to relax, unwind and rest but in fact makes me feel as I will surely drown at times in my life as a mommy. In my mommy whirlpool I feel the rushing of the bubbly, spinning, swirling, whirling water surrounding me to the point of will these waters swallow only to be drowned and flushed down the drain of the whirlpool. I’m baffled by the sensation of this in my life in my days as a mommy. I find myself being perplexed by this new experience of my journey though motherhood. I find myself wondering and feeling puzzled by the question of why is it that once I became mommy the idea of relaxing, enjoyable whirling swirling water of a whirlpool is no longer the same as once experienced. More to the point why is it even more so the case once more kids come along the journey of my motherhood.

In pondering these questions I have had much food for thought as a mama.
For one thing what makes these two whirl pools and the experiences of each whirlpool so very different is that in an actual whirlpool it has only job, task and focus and nothing else. When going to and indulging in a sit and soak in a whirlpool it’s just you and you and friends or you and significant other for the sole purpose by choice to real, unwind, enjoy and nothing else. Where as in the whirlpool in the life of the days of being a mommy there is never ever just you and you alone with nothing to do or to have just the one focus on doing nothing but relaxing. I’m lucky most days, till recently, if I can get a short bath, interrupted never mind long and uninterrupted. Secondly there is always something to do for somebody. More times than not it’s doing more than one thing and everything for everybody. It’s a constant juggling act of all my jobs and roles. My life in my mommy days is more like the a constant rushing and flooding of the waters of my motherhood that spin, swirl and whirling all round me. On these days that I feel as if the spinning, swirling whirling waters of my mommy whirlpool are going to pull me under I feel the much need to go get in my serene, calming, relaxing hot tub where it is I and I alone.

In my journey as a mama who spends of her days in the spinning, swirling, whirling waters of my mommy whirl pool of the life in my days in my mommy journey i have to figure out how to swim and stay afloat in my mommy whirl pool. For me I have found ways that help me swim and stay afloat in my daily mommy whirlpool especially I can’t get myself to an actual serene relaxing hot tub. I think that is one of the biggest and important lessons is that since we as mamas can’t always get our breaks, get away or go to a place of relaxation we have to make it happen where we are at our own ways. It’s like they say if you want it done you got to do it for dang self no one is going to do it for you. Which is also the harder sometimes to force ourselves to stop and make time, give ourselves permission and take our own timeouts. For me I find my own tranquility, relaxation and serenity in the relaxing and calming whirlpool waters of my writing, journaling, working on shutterfly, exercising, and swimming, the beach ( a girl can dream right). It is also to be found, for me, time with my husband and girlfriends. I may not be able to control or stop the spinning, swirling, whirling water of my daily mommy whirl pool but I can finds ways to create my own serene, tranquil, calming waves in my hot tub hat allows for me to take my sips, breathes, breaks and relax. May I and we as mamas stove to always find and make space for our own serene, tranquil, calming and relaxing waters as journey forward as mamas.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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