The Loathsome un-blooming Oninion

For many a restaurant favorite is The Outback and it is a great pick for a great meal. The Outback has a great menu and is a great spot to get a good burger or steak. One of my personal favorite is the cheesy and beacon fries. For those who have been there another popular favorite is the Blooming Onion. It’s true each to his or her own but for me not so much. I’m not a fan of any onions blooming or otherwise. For me onions are not my favorite for a few reasons. I don’t care for the awful smell of the onion. I don’t care for the taste of the onion. I certainly don’t care for the odor that is left by this loathsome food item. Never mind the fact that when preparing onion if cooking if dealing with raw onion you are sure to be made to cry and be totally miserable in dealign with the loathsome onion. Onions are definitely not for me now, not ever.

This new journey following the passing of my beloved John I found myself discovering just how totally and completely with a passion I loathed the food of onions. Another reason for my strong distain for onions is that an onion is in layers upon layers upon layers that seem to be never ending. Each layer continues the horrid odor and smell that adds to the irritation and discomfort of one’s crying from all the watering in reaction to the smell and order of the onion. I found myself as I have continue to travel though this new and unexpected journey as if I was trapped amidst a enormous loathsome, horrid odor and awful smelling endless layers of an onion that is definitely not blooming. In continuing my journey as a grieving widow and single mom it seems as soon as I think I have gone through one layer or thought I had resolved one aspect of this process it only leads to more and more counties horrid layers upon more unbearable layers to be found along this journey. There seems to be no end in sight but only more and more loathsome layers.

This journey and process sucks everything out of me and makes me feel as if I’m stuck and will never make it through this awful loathsome onion. I can’t see my way through all of these never ending horrid layers to this onion and process. Its a journey I know I must travel but wish not to or ever wanted to travel. I strive to continue to travel but all the while feeling sucked in only to be stuck and never get past the odor, stench and smell of this journey. Just when I can’t cry anymore there are more tears that come and flow in endless streams due to the horrid stench that this new and unexpected journey reeks of. I fear the stench of my grief and loss will never leave. If I never see my way through the endless layers of this immensely large onion how can I find the wondrous smells of a newness to be found. Then again I wonder if there is such a thing to be even found to be enjoyed or delighted in. If I was to find such a delightfulness in my journey and life again I have to wonder do I even really want to because in finding such pleasant new aromas what does that say about what was, John, me, us and our love and journey together. I don’t ever want such an unpleasant food, taste and order and how can I wish to stay admits the endless layers of this un-blooming onion but how could I ever leave it. I wish for the wonderful and delightful new aromas of seeing my way through layers of this loadstone onion, coming out on the other side of this journey and being free form these layers of my loathsome onion. I know not how to do so see myself through and free myself form the rechdiness of these layers of this loathsome onion. I know not how to seek the wondrous and delightfulness of of new potent aroma in this process. The question on my new and unexpected journey is whether or not I will be freed or remain stuck in this loathsome un-blooming onion. How and where do I seek the answer to this question thatI face as I continue in my traveling of this new and unexpected journey.This in an of itself makes the case for the these are the layers I find myself stuck in admit this loathsome un-blooming that is now my new journey and reality.

Idea: The idea of this is that an onion has layers just when you think you
have done all the layers that need to be eaten or digested there are now
more layers you have found that keep on unfolding endlessly the more you
eat and find

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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