Earning My Mark in My Motherhood

There was a great movie that came out in 2015 it is called The Good Dinosaur this was about a family of dinosaurs and the main character is Arlo. This movie show Arlo going on a great journey as he finding his way. Of course this was and is also another absolute favorites of my son. In the beginning of the movie Arlo is very much afraid, scared of things and doing things, and unsure of himself and in life. His Dad guides him and is understanding of his son that is trying to find is own way. The father teaches Arlo and his brother and sister about earning their mark. Each of them to include Arlo earns their mark and gets to put it on their family store house of their provisions. The idea of earning your mark causes one to consider and ponder how will I earn my mark and what will I do to earn my mark. This idea and questions are relevant to my babies as they journey through life and me as their mama as I raise them and traveling through my own journey of motherhood.

In school our babies learn that through doing homework and taking tests and quizzes that they earn their marks. It is those daily and weekly marks on their homework, quizzes and test that collectively equate to their marks on their report cards every grading period. My hope is that my daughter will see and learn you study hard, stay focus, and dedicated in your homework and studies that will help earn her good marks on tests and quizzes and thus collectedly resulting in her earring good marks on her report card. Then at the end of the year if she does this all through out the year then will, as she did last year, get a award for the whole year of earning good marks or grades. This is equally true and relevant in the area of conduct. Her conduct marks have a much bigger picture impact and implication. It is in through conduct that one builds one’s character. In building one’s character it come from making good daily choices that collectedly creates good character in a person. It is this good character that builds the foundation upon witch one can set the stage for their life upon.

In the movie it showed each family member doing something great and significant to earn that mark. More importantly in the movie its shows each of them earn their individual marks in their own unique, special individual way. In life earning one’s mark can come in all sorts of ways and forms. I think in the big and small ways alike one can earn their mark. All children are different, unique and special individuals just as each of us mamas are. I want my children to be free to find their own way, travel their own journey and earn and make their own marks. How can I expect them to make cookie cutter marks then there is nothing cookie cuter about my children for they are uncannily and wonderfully made. Also it can be done by and through what my children decide be when they grow, what they dream and hope to accomplish in their lives. Often times thought even in the making one’s mark through the big and significant things the road traveled to accomplishing such things is with all the little daily things and choices made along the way to earning one’s mark through achieving the big and significant thing or dream. Just as was my daughter’s award at the end of year was earned by her all year long collective decisions and hard work

I feel this is what it is to do and likened to in our journey through motherhood. Being a mama is a life long journey that is a marathon for at least 18 years and beyond. We as mamas make little and bigger choices every single day with and for our babies in all areas of our babies and our motherhood. We or at least I can at times wonder what will come or be the result of the collectiveness of these choices and constant daily work at the end of these 18 years of raising my babies. I wonder what is the influence or impact on them and their own journey that will come form the choices I have made along side my journey as a mama. It’s hard to see in the daily matters the big picture. I think it can be easy to loose sight of that each of my decisions will collectedly culminate to result in how I raised and prepared my children for their own life’s journey. Yes I know it’s not all about me and that they have other influenced, such as friends, teachers, media, grandparents, among others, on their life as they journey on. Eventually if I did my job right it will be up to them to make their own decisions.

What I speak of is the question of how and what I can or do to earn and make my own mark in my motherhood. How do I measure my own success and marks in my own journey as a mama to my two precious babies. I often say to questions of how do you think you are doing with motherhood and parenting I say ask me in 18 years. I’m fully aware that one day I gave birth and then one day at the end of my journey as a mother I won’t wake up just like to find that with a wave of a mommy magic wand or sprinkled mommy magic dust my children arrived at the beginning of their life journey perfectly set for their life with no assistance outside of this supposed mommy magic. I hate to burst anyone’s mommy bubble or disappoint any of you but it and life does’t work that way. I know that each day, every day in all areas and things with every choice I make and do as my babies mama have to be done with this in mind as I work toward the end goal of raising and preparing my babies for their own life journey. I hope that with each choice I make the right choices for my babies. May I have the courage always to strive to do my best and to be loving, kind, brave, strong, respectful, caring, encouraging, supportive, to protect and provide, to teach, guide and discipline my babies. I just hope that as I journey through my motherhood that my choices will be the impact and influence of my mommy marks that will be what is needed and enough. I hope that in these daily choices at every turn all through my journey will earn me my mommy marks and I will be found to be The Good Mommy for my family and babies at the end of my journey as mama and at the begging of my babies life journey as they are sent out to start their own journey to make and earn their own marks in life.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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