Growing Pains Aren’t Just for Kids


When I was a kid I heard all the time the idea or expression of growing pains. I always found this to be a most curious idea and expression because I know for a fact conceding I have done all my growing, unfortunately, all 5 feet 1 inch of me and I do not remember at all not once having pain when i was growing. But seriously while there may be no pain to physically grow I remember having a heck a time and my years of growing up in the school of life. I know for me my journey of growing from a child into the person I am now as I sit here writing this was hard journey to travel with a multitude of experiences that were painful to grow through.While it may be equally true no pain no gain that doesn’t make it any less painful while growing through it. My journey of growth was and has been filled with much painful growth from being disabled my whole life, to constant social issues in school, bullying, making and not having friends and then as an adult a painful failed first marriage. If I know of my own growing pains and I know my babies have had and will have in the future growing pains then won’t stand to reason that as a mama our own journey that we travel side by side and hand in hand with babies we would have our own mommy growing pains as we travel and grow in our journey as mamas from being a a virginal mama to an expert as mama of our babies.

If I asked my babies what they would say some of their growing pains would be to date I wondered what they would say. I think they would say a variety of things from big to small. I would say things that they have learned or will learn that have been hard form them to get would be a growing pain especially my daughter. They don’t like when they think learning something new seems hard. For my daughter, she is her mother’s daughter, its’ math and it was learning to tie her shoe laces. For son who is younger than his sister, so in some ways to early to tell just yer, but it is in his handwriting. For them both working on their chores and just staying on schedule and doing everyone in a timely manner that seems to such a major struggle for them both. I know another pain they have had to experience in their growing is Summer of 2017 we had to move form New Hampshire to Louisiana and they had to leave their school, church, home and friends. We left because of a tragic circumstance for our family and that will be the discussed at length in future books I hope to write. For now though the move in of itself was a hard growing transition for my babies. Even more so the reason for the transitions that make this all the more difficult of pains in their growth. As my babies continue to grow in their journey through their lives I’m sure as they grow and experience more growing pains their answer to this question will change but we will have hold on that for keep in this mind this is being written pre adolence / teen age years and lets hold on that please and those growing pains.

As kids grow so they have their own pain but hold on now I have grown as a mama in my journey through motherhood so does that mean I had and have growing pains I think that is a definite yes. In all two previous books I have written regarding my journey through my motherhood I have countless example of my own mommy growing pains. Some of the most painful growth was when I was a most virginal mama of my baby girl and a great part of that hard growth was because of just becoming a new mommy. Also it was because I was doing so while disabled and I was learning how to adapt my abilities and resources developed for 32 years to accommodate my visual impairment now had be adjusted to accolade me being a mommy who is visually impaired. There are countless examples of how this impacted my journey as a mommy.

It was anything from reading small print of instructions for medicine or for measuring medicine for my babies, making sure I measure right on the bottles for water and formula and antigen like that. It was in at night making sure there was nothing in my path to get to my babies in the middle and risking tripping. Another scary few were when I would take my own medicine and if i dropped would I be able to find it to pick it up and make sure my babies didn’t get or if something happen to them how would get them what they need because of my vision I can’t drive. These are simple every day common place tings that most never think about but it can be a very big deal, hard and scary in my days in my life as a mommy never mind countless others. Going forward in my journey as a mama as my babies keep growing and go through their own growth and journey I will encounter more and new pains of my mommy growth. As hard as that growth was my more recent journey of growth is more and more painful than anything I have ever experienced, known or could have dreamed of or imagined. Entering into motherhood is hard enough filled with mommy growing pains in its own right for any of us never mind the added issues of my life which adds to everything to include my journey as a mama.

In my journey as mama when I experience my growth that is painful maybe I need to remind myself of what I tell my babies as they grow. I tell my babies when things get rough and hard that we will figure this out together. I tell them that it’s most likely a simple and easy fix. I tell them that things get better and easier as we go along and keep trying and practicing. Why is it always so much easier to give advice then to take it. For me as mama I need to remember that most things are first world problems with easy and simple solutions. I can figure this out , I can find a easy and simple solution to solve this mommy problem. I need to remind myself that I’ve got this especially as I have gone along and keep trying, practicing and have become more and more of an expert as a mama to my babies and less and less of a virginal mama from when I first started on my journey in my motherhood. I must keep in mind that hold to the mommy lessons I have learned over the past 8 and counting years. I must remind myself of all my mommy mountain top moments. Also I must keep taking my sips, breaths and breaks to relax, refocus, center and balance myself for the sake of my sanity. I can use these moments to say okay Michaela it’s okay you can do this and you got this thing we call motherhood no matter how I may feel in any given moment or day. Yes I know easier said than done. As long as I’m doing my best to keep going forward and continue on my journey as mama, no matter how painful my growth is at times, then I will do so while striving to do my best for my babies and family. May we all strive do so in our own journeys as mamas for ourselves, babies and families. Lets journey on taking oars sips, breaths and breaks so we can journey forwarding doing our best in pur journeys as mamas.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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