My Rainbows of True Colors as a Mommy

We live in a world that is filled with amazing, wonderful diverse things and is a most beautiful and magnificent creation. One of the most wonderful, striking and beautiful things about the world is all the amazing brilliant colors that are most evident and seen everywhere and in everything. Each color is just as brilliant, diverse, unique and different as from all the others that are and equally diverse, unique and different as creatures and people. Each color in the world represents, symbolizes and communicates something in the world. In every color the truth about that creation is represented and communicated.  When all the colors are put together collectively we are given a most brilliant and beautiful aspect of nature a rainbow. The rainbow in of itself represents, symbolizes and communicates its own message. Just as nature and the world represents, symbolizes and communicates something in and through its colors so do we as uniquely and diverse people. We as women and mothers who have our own true rainbow of colors to show our babies, our families and the world. I have to wonder how do I and us as mothers do this for our babies, families and the world. What do we want our true colors to be that we communicate, demonstrate and that represent us a women and mommies.

For myself as a mommy I have my own colors that I represent, communicate and demonstrate to my babies, my family and the world through my words, actions, beliefs, ideals, values, character and personality who I am what my collective rainbow symbolizes represents and communicates. I believe and hope these things are true of me as individual and as mommy. I am hard working, dedicated, determined, strong, independent, president and tenacious. I have perseverance, resourcefulness, I am organized and resilient. Although far, far from perfection and I have my moments I strive and hope to have colors of patience, respect, understanding, compassion, hope, faith, love, kindness, strength, courage, mercy, grace and humility, There are moments and days where my rainbow of true colors may not show for it is clouded and covered by gray and blackness of rain clouds and storms of anger, frustration, stress, worry, doubt, lack of confidence, being frazzled, short tempered, and fear. I have to wonder as a women, wife and mommy what colors are showing and being demonstrated more the rain clouds or storms or the my rainbow. I have to wonder will be my rainbow of true color I demonstrate, show and communicate to my daughter and son, family and the world.

In motherhood it is most profoundly significant and fundamental that we teach our babies the life lesson of being true to themselves, be comfortable and accept themselves for who they truly are, know and show their true colors and feel free to be themselves and show that to the world. In a journey as a mommy I have asked myself how do I teach and show my children how to be true to themselves and show, shine and not be afraid of their true colors. In my journey as a mommy I have found the answer to this question lies in a doing a couple of things. First of all teaching my babies how to be true to themselves and show her true colors starts with what I teach them through my own example in my own words, actions, beliefs, values, ideals and character. I as their mommy must do what I preach and teach but also I take the teachable moment to communicate and show them how to do so for herself. I tell my daughter and all the time you have to work hard, never quite, never give up, you start what you finish, it takes practice, keep trying and you’ll get it, dream big, you can do anything you put your mind to and work hard, drams come true among countless other things. Also though along side this communication of these life lessons, values, ideals, beliefs and character that represent what I want to be my true colors I give evidence of this by showing them what I have done in my life as I’m teaching her to do for herself. My daughter and son may not understand fully now at their ages but they will grow in their understanding as they grows but I have shown them my first book and talk to them about the progress on my current writing projects, I have shown them the piece of paper that resulted form all my hard graduate work, I would explain to them that when I went to Panera’s to study this what I had to do reach my goals and dreams and that my hard work would pay off. I have showed them that I never or nor will i ever quit or give up. I tell them that I have reached my dreams and that she is the ultimate dream come true.

Secondly what is involved in me showing my daughter and son how to be true to themselves and their own unique beautiful rainbow of colors is found in me learning how and being comfortable in my own true colors and skin and not being afraid to have that be represented in what I show and demonstrate to my babies, family the world. This is much more easily said than done and for me has been a constant struggle and battle my whole life in many ways and respects. I have struggled with this in part largely due to my disability and visual impairment. I have struggled with my own abilities, inadequacies, being enough, being sufficient or competent and intelligence. In way related to my disability these things have also been a struggle for me in journey as a mommy. This will also be a struggle for me but over the course of my lifetime in some ways and areas it has improved and some not so much. I think this can be a process. I believe that yes if even if and when I am struggling with my own true colors a mommy and women I must find a way to show my babies confidence in the midst of an internal or personal struggle and challenge. This lesson also can be taught, demonstrate and learned through just doing it, putting one foot in from of the other continuing on moving forward and keeping trying amidst the challenge and struggle. The third aspect and way of teaching this life lesson to my babies as their mother is in the message of the rainbow itself a rainbows represents, symbolizes and communicates hope and a promise of something to come. Thus maybe the key to teaching my daughter and son this lesson is in the promise and hope of the rainbow itself.  The answer is in the promise of me as their mommy to my daughter, son and to my family will always, always do my very best and utmost for them. That I will always keep continuing on, moving forward in this journey, putting one foot in front of the other and never ever quoting or giving up.

In my journey as a mommy I hope and desire that my rainbow of true colors is comprised of colors of strength, dedication, determination, independence, resiliency, tenacity, perseverance, respect, understanding, compassion, hope, faith, love, kindness, generosity, mercy, grace, confidence, courage and humility and that it will always be seen, demonstrated, communicated and shine through to my daughter, my son, my family and in my motherhood. As long as I’m true to myself, my beliefs, ideals, values and character my true colors will be able to be seen, demonstrated, communicated and shine through for my babies and family.
As long as my rainbow of colors are shown, demonstrated, communicated and shine through and not the rain clouds and storms of my gray and black colors of anger, frustration, stress, worry, doubt, lack of confidence, being frazzled, short tempered, and fear I know I can and will be able teach to my children how to show, demonstrate, communicate and shine their own true brilliant and beautiful colors of their own unique and beautiful rainbow for themselves, own life, journey and the world. May I as a mommy always, always strive to know, be free and comfortable showing, demonstrating, communicating and shining my own true, brilliant, unique and beautiful rainbow of my true colors for myself, my children, my family, in my motherhood and to the world. May we as mommies never ever fear to be true to ourselves and know, show, demonstrate, communicate and shine each of our own true, brilliant, unique, and beautiful rainbow of true colors to our children, our families and the world.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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