Savoring the Seasons and Sands of time in My Motherhood

Life is a journey that we travel through all different experiences and changing seasons. As we journey on through life we have a moment when we are children ourselves when we are five for a minute then in a few moments we are now10 and then the next moment we are 17 only to journey on to our twenties in the next moments of our journey. Then we turn around in our journey to find ourselves in our thirties then in a blink we are 40 then on to 55 for a moment and on and on it goes as we travel through this life. In our journey we go though seasons of change, seasons of growth, seasons of joy, happiness or laughter and seasons of sadness, sorrow or mourning, seasons of love and loss, seasons of embracing and then to refrain from embracing among numerous varying seasons in our lives as we journey on in this life. Through these passing and fleeting moments we experience as we journey through life we see and experience the shifting sands of time of our life’s journey. I in my own life’s journey have wondered where were the sands of time of my life have been taken and where would the future sands of time carry me. What would the future changing seasons bring with them in my life’s journey.

In motherhood my journey has been much the same as it has been in my own journey through life. One moment I was living as a young individual single woman and then the next moment I found myself falling in love, married and then in the blink of my eye I was expecting a new life that I would bring into this world. In 10 months of moments down the road of  my life’s journey I would start the ultimate journey of my lifetime as new virginal mommy with absolutely no instruction manual. In the whirlwind rollercoaster ride of motherhood before I know it my sweet precious baby girl was 6 months old. Then before I could turn around I could say that I had been a mommy for a whole year of moments and my sweet princess was a whole year old. Then in a few more fleeting moments I had a three year old and a newborn beautiful baby boy and a a new journey of having moments to a baby boy will continuing along side my daughter and her journey. I would now start my journey as traveling hand in hand with my two precious babies and having moments to make memories with both of my babies. Then more moments snook up on me and my daughter is now six and my son is now three. I’m convinced that the moments are only oh so very fleeting moments until she will 10 and him 7, then her 13 and him 10, that will be it’s own book about the teenage years, then here will come 18 for her and 15 for him and beyond will all too soon. I wish I know the secret to stopping these oh so fleeting sands of time and changing season in my daughter’s and son’s life and my journey as a mommy. I so desire to freeze these precious, sweet and priceless moments that are happening and yet passing me by and disappearing in the same moment right before my eyes.

I had to wonder as a women what have I done with the sands of time that have been given to me and what I have and will I do with the seasons of my journey. These question were just as valid and relevant for me in my motherhood as well in my life’s journey. In my journey as a mommy I have tried my utmost best to wisely use the moments I have been give as a mommy and to spend them with my babies and family. I wish not to look back as a mommy and see what I missed all these years. I wish not have any regrets in where my sands of times went as a mommy. I wish not to misjudge or miss the mark in what should be my priority in spending my time and as a mommy. I desire not to wastefully frittered away my seasons in my motherhood on insignificant, immaterial or frivolous things.

I have a favorite artist named Mary Englebriet and she created a picture or piece of artwork with the caption of this Don’t count the days but make the days count. This for me felt very relevant to me as a mommy, my motherhood and what I wanted for my babies and my family. I as a mommy want to seize the moments, the days and the years. I want to soak up every moment of time with my precious babies and family. I want to make the days count and not count my days as a mommy. I want to make the most of my moments, days and years as a mommy with my daughter, son and family cherishing, treasuring and savoring this oh so very fleeting seconds, minutes, hours days and years that not only fleet me by but most assuredly fleet most quickly. The fleeting moments of my motherhood fleet by as if they fluttering by as a beautiful butterfly that only comes to stay for a while and then flits or flutters off on to the next part in that butterfly’s journey. I feel this is much the same in motherhood as it with our babies. How the time and they flutter by us their mommies as they shortly stay before moving to the next thing, phase, stage and part in their own journey in their lives.

We must as mommies choose and do so wisely what we wish to do with our moments in motherhood and with our babies and families. Do we wish to hurriedly count the fleeting days and looking back wonder where it went or do we as mommies wish to cherish, soak up and treasure every savory moment of every hour of every day of every year of our babies lives and our journeys as mothers. True some moments and days are easier than others to want to make count then to count the moments but its in those moment and days that make the sweet moments and days all that much more sweet and savory. I know for me as a mommy I don’t want to miss a single thing and I want to make the most of every moment making them count. May I always savor the changing times and sands of time of my motherhood. May we as mommies always savor the precious and priceless treasure of being mommies, in our journey of motherhood and in our babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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