Swimming or Sinking

One of our family favorite movies is Finding Nemo and we were all so excited when Finding Dory came out and we love both equally as much. My son beyond words loves, loves, loves these movies especially Finding Dory. He absolutely is all about anything sea creatures like no one business. When we to Atlanta, GA we went to the aquarium and I thought we were going to have drag him out he didn’t want to leave. In these movies Dory is a great character who is always happy, lucky go, easy going, laid back optimistic. She is always encouraging and full of positivity and being supportive and cheering everybody on. One of the best lines is Dory’s signature line of ‘Just keep swimming, Just keep Swimming’. There is much truth to this line and idea of just keep swimming, just keep swimming. It’s a most valuable lesson of life for my babies and me as a mama.

The idea of what Dory saids of ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming’ is a great thing for my babies to hear and to tell my kids. The meaning of this saying of Dory is filed with immense invaluable life lessons that will if learned will serve my babies well as they travel their own journey through life. For one thing it’s saying just keep doing it like practice makes perfect or keep practicing and you will get it like when learning how to swim, ride a bike, learning to read and write, tieing shoes and so many other things we teach our babies. Another lesson of Dory’s wise words is another way of saying keep trying, don’t give up or quit. Dory words are teaching that with preservence, tenacity, dedication, determination we will get it, reach our goals and achiever our dreams. Wow what amazing lessons for my babies to learn and to have to take with them as they travel forward on their own life journey. Truly with these life lessons and wise words my babies can do anything they set their minds to. I say yes to and agree with Dory just keep swimming, just keep swimming to my daughter and son and go out thee reach your dreams.

As a mama I need to heed my own advice in my own journey for there is much value in this lesson for me as well. Some days as a mama it’s easy to get bogged down, overwhelmed, distracted by all the Martha world stuff that it be discouraging or disheartening. I experienced and felt this earlier on in the first part of my mommy journey when I was just a mama of my sweet precious baby girl. Even thought this experience and feeling has change I can say that after continuing to journey forward with two sweet precious babies it has definitely intensified and increased in my life in my days as a mama. I mean with two babies much is the same from before but just doubled. It can be harder and take more hard work to just keep swimming, just keep swimming as mama of two babies. The force and power of the swirl whirling current of my days in my life as a mommy of two at times is much stronger and fierce. Some days feels as if it is harder to with stand and not be swept away by the powerful rushing current’s pressures in my days as a mama. I must remind myself of what I learned my first time to the motherhood party is that just keep going and it gets easier in ways. Also I learned that if I could do this thing we call motherhood and if I can do that in my journey as a mama then I can the other things I experience as a mama as I journey along. Another thing consider is that if I want to teach my babies these lesson then I myself must lead and teach by example and do so in my own journey and then that will help teach and show my babies what it is to just keep swimming just keep swimming. Maybe Dory is right after all and all I have to do is just keep swimming, just keep swimming as I go along in my journey as a mama and if I can do that then I got this mommy thing. May I and we always strive to heed Dory’ wise words and just keep swimming, just keep swimming even when the currents of motherhood and lifet are strong and forceful for our babies, families and ourselves ad journey forward in our motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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