All the Cultural Roads that lead too…

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father expect through me.
John 14: 6

In the previous chapters we have considered the idea of roads traveled in life by the individual and ultimately by our culture. There are many doors a person or culture can choose to walk through this life. In life and in school we are exposed to a myriad of philosophies and belief systems for our consideration as to which one we will follow in our own life and journey. Furthermore as we chose which road to take and travel in our life’s journey what priorities will influence our choice as to with path will we travel. Often times one’s choice of philosophy and belief system is rooted in one’s priorities. As we as individuals and in turn collectively as a culture which priories will influence the decision to choice to take for our culture. Just as in a all you can eat buffet restaurant your a given a smorgasbord of options of food to put on your plate for your meal so what shall we chose for our spiritual plates from this religious smorgasbord of a belief system buffet. Shall we consider the ideas of Heindi, Buddhism, Islam or sceientology, athestism, Shall we seek out the ideas of universalism, trandenalism, new age, or eastern thought. Should one contemplate paganism, statanism, or Wicca. In today’s age shold one consider a more materialistic path that focuses on materialism and the love of self. There are so many endless doors through one can walk through and chose to travel the path that comes form that door they have chosen to walk trough.

In considering one’s chose as to what door to walk through on one’s journey and choice of belief system, religion and faith to follow one must understand the earmarks and fundamental cornerstones of any faith or belief system before choosing one for one’s own life journey. While there is not enough time or space to explore all these potential choices to walk through in this book for this is not the appropriate opportunity or platform for such a extensive in depth exploratory discussion. The bottom line and end result of any discussion or debate on exploring all these options and more is that none of these leads an individual, a culture and this world to the right path and road to travel to journey this life. None of these lead you or I, our culture or our world to the only true truth. The truth that it is only through Jesus Christ alone that I, us , our culture and world can find the truth, the true answer, true path or road to follow and travel through this life. It it is only in Jesus Christ that you or I, our culture and world can find the answers we seek for the questions we ask and have what we year for as we travel through this life. No other religion, faith, philosophy or belief system one may chose to follow will give you what you seek, answer your questions and quench your thirst or bring truth and light to your life, our culture and world.

Ask yourself individually and collectedly as a culture and world which philosophy, religion, faith, or belief system basket do you and we want to put our eggs in. Do you or we and as a culture or world want to put our eggs in the religious and philosophical basket that is void of life and truth and has no answers. Do we wish as individuals and collectively as a culture wish to invest our eggs in the basket that leaves us to thirst and hunger for things that are never to be found in these false gospels, deceitful and untruthfulness paths that will leads down roads of darkness and death. Or as individuals and collectedly as a culture shall we choose to walk through door that leads to the road less traveled and that is a path that leads our thirst and hunger being quenched with ruth, life and answers that only come form the true and saving gospel of Jesus Christ. When going through life’s religious buffet may you, I and we as a culture pick the religious option to put on our spiritual plate of truth and life that only comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ alone and from no others. In choosing this door may we then be able to share the one true answer, life, light and salt and that comes from message of Jesus Christ in our culture and world to quiche their hunger and thirst for truth, life and love as we journey though our faith in this life.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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