The Bible – The Ultimate Road Map

In life and in taking any adventure or journey there is a path to follow or certain direction to take or way to go. In taking such path or direction on one’s journey there are times to make or chart one’s course to set out on for his or her adventure and journey. There are chances to make choices as to which way to take or which direction to go in on one’s journey. In one’s journey one may consider going right or left. It could be considered to head north, south, west or east on ones journey. A person chose a shorter path that might be smother or easier terrain to travel. Someone could chose to take a path that is longer and more rough and challenging to travel.There can be endless reasons for which direction or course a person choosing to take on his or her adventure and journey. It could be taking into account factors such as the speed, time aspects, terrain, weather, climate, level of skill set or ability or it could be their personal preference of what type of adventure they may like or enjoy. There are countless reasons and factors that go into one’s decision as to which direction they take in their own journeying and adventuring. There is another significant question and aspect involved in adventuring and traveling on one’s journey that is what will be the tools used to assist, guide and help one make the decisions as to the directions they take in their adventure and journey.

In previous chapters it has been discussed the topic and idea of which road should we as individuals and as a culture take, chose and travel. In consideration of ones choice of which path to travel and in making this choice one must also consider the question what will be used to guide and help one on his or her own adventure and journey. Much thought should be given to what tools should be consider to use and find useful while on his or her own adventure and journey. A traveler or adventurer may use or take on his or her journey, deepening on the type of adventure being taken, camping gear, water, food, clothes, sleeping bags, hunting gear, medical kit among other needed items or supples. In times gone by many have used compasses and maps to help guide them on his or here adventures and journeys they travel. If one wishes to go even further back in time and history nature has been used to guide people as they adventure and travel their adventures such as the direction of the sun, or the moon or position of the stars and landmarks of the terrain. These all seem archaic or antiquated in this day and age of modern time with modern technology such as GPS systems and google maps and the ability to ask Alexa or Sieery find me or get the directions to wherever you may be going. For us who have chosen the road less taken or traveled which tools will pack to take to use to guide our choices in the path we follow and the directions we go in our own journey of faith.

When one makes the choice to take the road less traveled and pursue his or her journey of faith there are certain tools at our disposal as believers and followers oaf Christ. For one thing we always and forever have our 24/4 lifeline of a calling home to our Lord and Savior and Father anytime, anywhere no matter where we are through prayer and constant and continual conversation with our ultimate Guide in life on this journey our Father. Secondly we can look to our pastors and ministers for counsel and guidance. A third tool and source of guidance, support and assistance as we travel our faith journey is through our fellow adventurers and travelers, our sisters and brothers in Christ, on this journey of faith. We can learn form each other and help, support, encourage, assist and love each other as we travel our own and collective journeys together whether we are traveling in valleys and in the caves of struggle, trails, tribulation, seasons and times of sorrow, grief, challenges and hardships and climbing the mountains or standing on the mountaintops of victory, triumph and success on our own journeys of faith

A fourth tool that we can use along our adventures and journeys of faith and that we can implement to assist and keeping us on and true to our course is map found in the Bible. In God’s word we find truth that is a light for our feet as we travel along our path of faith. We find our instructions and directions to helps find our way to our destination. The words of the Bible, the rules, principles, precepts,, commands and the letters in red which are the words of Christ are likened to coordinates of longitude and latitude on a map or signs one would find on the road they follow in their adventure and journey. Another way of seeing how the God’s word the Bible is a tool to be used and directs us on our path and journey is that when we each come to a crossroad or fork in our journey and have to figure out, decide and make a choice as to which way to continue to travel along this path of faith God’s words give us answers to the question of which way to go now on our journey. The words of the Bible may say go north, east, south, west or on this road for so far or for the foreseeable future until otherwise instructed or directed. God’s words could guide us to now go left, go right, recalculate or redirect so we can get back on track and stay our course.

The map found in God’s word is our road map for our journey of faith and it lays out for us the directions to be followed as we travel forward. These biblical geographical instructions and coordinates always point us to our Father. The words in the Bible are like signs to follow on a road that we are to follow. God’s word is likened to a spiritual GPS it will always points in the direction of and lead us on our journey, helps us to stay true to our charted course and lead us to our ultimate destination. The signs, coordinates, instructions found in Scripture and God’s word for our journey will never mislead us, lead us astray, or fail us as we follow Him and travel awn our journey of faith. Gods’s word and scripture will never be returned or found void and is always constant yesterday, today and tomorrow it is to be found and will always be found correct, accurate and to be true.

As believers and followers Christ not only can we use such tools in our own journey of faith but we can also use these tools to guide, assist, lead, support, and help our culture to collectively chose the road less traveled. We can help to steer our culture in the direction of God and Scripture and help our culture stay true to and on this charted course that leads to the destination of one’s, the collective culture salvation and journey of faith. We can as believers and followers of the Jesus and of the true road map laid out in Scriptures can show our culture and the world the true and only way and shed light along their own path to travel on their journey of faith. May we as followers and believers in Christ go forward in our journey of faith always striving to follow and stay true to the words, signs, instructions and directions laid out by the true and ultimate road map of the Bible. May we always use all our tools of prayer, community and fellowship, and the ultimate Biblical, scriptural and spiritual GPS to always to stay true to the our course and be pointed to our ultimate destination as travel on our journey of faith.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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