My Journey of Logic, Love, Loss and Life

Since I have started my own new journey just over two years ago in April of 2017 following the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband, John, and my babies daddy. I and my babies have had to travel this new journey of love, loss and life. I have and will be writing about my new journey I must now travel as a widow and solo mom, at the time 38, who is also and has been my whole life disabled due to legal blindness. Through this blog and page I would like to provide resources for anyone who may be traveling this same awful and crazy journey that I now travel. These are the resources through my own journey that I have discovered along the way and that I have found helpful. There are many groups on facebook that have been helpful and there are books on amazon that I have read and will be reading as well. I’m traveling, learning and trying to figure this all out and I don’t have the answers but I’m trying to keep traveling.



3. One Fit Widow

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