Books Authored by Michaela S. Cox


Heartfelt Meditations: A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Cherished Scripture       

Published in 2011 by

Heartfelt Meditations presents a collection of poems exploring the facets of a believer’s journey of spirituality and faith. It also offers aid for the person who is searching for help with various aspects of their faith such as saving grace, hope, encouragement, and payer. Reflecting the many experiences of author Michaela S. Cox’s spiritual journey, this complication is the expression of her gratitude for insightful truths of knowledge and understanding which have made impressions on the author’s life.

Michaela S. Cox based her selection of scriptures on the passages that has touched and inspired her life. The passages offer jewels of guiding truth for a believer’s journey or a person’s search through the knowledge and understanding that is found in scripture. In giving tribute to her God, Lord and Savior and to people who have influenced her, she hopes to express her gratitude and offer insight and guidance to anyone who may need it.


Books in Progress: 

I have completed my two book about my journey through motherhood as a new mommy. I have also started to work on the third up book that will discuss my journey through motherhood as a mommy of 2 sweet and precious babies. I will keep you all posted on all updates and new information regrading the process of these manuscripts.

Also I hope to start in the spring my first manuscript entitled “We the People Are?” in addition to this I have several other manuscripts that will address all of my passions of motherhood, my faith and my love of America planned out ready to start writing. Stay tuned for future blog posts and future information regarding any all progress on these up and coming future manuscripts.