Heatfelt Meditations Announcments

What is New from Heartfelt Meditations:

Week of Feb 10, 2020: 

This week I start a new project to hopefully be published in May. Also I hope to my companion book to Take a Sip, Take a Breathe and Go…. A Journey Through Motherhood Oct 1, 2019 in the very near future.

A final update is that I have submitted my latest project to the editor toady and I really hope to have it published and launched sometime in March 2020. Stay tuned.

Week of Aug 5, 2019:

  1. There have been many exciting things happening that I’m thrilled about. I have been working hard and towards newest book getting published. Many, many things have been done and crossed of the list. If all goes well I’m hoping for some time in September to be published. Cross your fingers and stayed Tune.
  2. Also with School starting back up next week I will be able to get back on track and to my regular writing routine. I’m so excite adn have much I want do, write and achieve this year.

Week of May 6, 2019

I know it has been a very long time since I have been active and posted on this blog and my most beyond profound apologies for that. My recent journey that started in 2017 has this 2nd year proven more difficult than I could have known or imagined. That being said I have much more to post and will putting up on this blog very soon. Also I have many things that are starting to develop and so stay tune. For I will let everyone know as I get more info. It’s very exciting and I”m looking forward to continuing my journey as an author and following this new path where it leads.

Week of Sept 9: 

As of last Friday I have now completed my thrid mansucript on my joureny throught motherhood and this one is the part 2 of my jourey as a mama of two precios babies. I’m a week ahead of schedule so this week is my own self imposed taking a breat so that this mama can play catch up before starting new projects next week. Starting on momyday I will starting my first of three manuscpritps this school year on my faith/spiritality. Then on Tuesdays I start the process of writing my joureny that srarted on 4/4/17 as a widow and single mama. There are 5 books ai have outlined that will be worked on Tuesdays. I am still working on hoping to aquire an agent. Stay tuned for all the new material on new subjectst hat are coming real soon.

Week of Aug 20:.

A good evening I know its been beyond forever since I’ve posted and presented material or any updates related to my writing. Considering the journey I’ve been on since 4/4/17 its taken me awhile to get in a place where I can and give my attention to pursing my writing more regularly again.

This being said starting this week I’m now able for the first time in over 16 months and 16 days can start back working on my writing and I’m very excited about returning my focus to my writings.

I look to finish book 3 on my journey as a mommy in addition too write a 4th book related to my journey as a mama. I also will be starting to work on writing the first 2 manuscripts on matters of faith and religion. A third part of my writing is I hope to start collecting notes and researching for my first 2 “We the People” manuscripts. A fourth way that I will work on my writing is that I have special projects to work on Tuesdays related my new journey that started 4/4/2017.

The goal and challenges that lay ahead for me is to make sure I stay on task and focused and not get distracted. Secondly I still must find and acquire the right literary agent. So please keep these things in your thoughts for me and stay tuned as I go forward this year returning my focus to my passion of my writing.

Week of Feb 12, 2018: 

A good morning everyone I haven’t gone anywhere I have been busy working on the following below. Along with my own writing I’m working toward getting an online teaching position. So I was workinag hard on my 3 academica publications to the International Journal of Social Science Studies for Feb an a Mar of this year. I will be submitting applications soon to varying places to hopefully get an online teaching position

The 1st ,2nd and 3rd articles are




In addition to my academics publishing endeavors I have finished my book proposal for Take a Sip, Take a breath and Go… and as soon as I can edit it I will be submitting to Literary agents. I did write a new article this week which I will post next week. I will keep working on book 3 and plans to do book 4, working on organizing to get ready to start my spiritual manuscripts this summer or fall and lastly laying the foundation for We The People manuscripts to start as well. Lots happening so stay tuned

Week of Jan 8, 2018: 

This week I have posted three new pieces that I have written over the last little bit about my new Journey. Also I got some exciting new about the opportunity to be published in academia to hopefully help with my endeavors with online teaching. I hope to get back on track with my writing and I have had to rethink my writing schedule for until the fall of 2018. Stay stay tuned.

Week Oct 3. 2017: 

Today I have posted for the 1st time since April and my life and my family got changed forever. I have posted 4 new articles. I hope to keep being able to write and post

Week of July 11, 2017: 

This week, during July and this summer in general has been very much a season of change and transition for myself and my family so I’m taking this time to adjust and settle into my new journey , chapter and place in my life and journey with my babies. I hope to be back to writing and posting new material by the time of school staring or after Labor Day if no soon. Thanks ever so very much truly for the patience and understanding.

Week of March 5, 2017:

This week I’m very happy and proud to announce that I have now posted the last three chapters of my current manuscript and this completes my 2n manuscript. I’m now starting my new and third manuscript on my journey through motherhood. I also am looking to starting the process of writing my book proposal and to start research potential agents to submit my query letter to and then hopefully the book proposal.

Week of February 12, 2017:

This week I’m in the homestretch of finishing my 2nd manuscript only six chapters to go then starts the editing process. I’m also considering to starting creating video segments of my heartfelt mediations on all matters that are posted on my blog involving my writing, motherhood, my faith, and ‘We the People’. Stay tuned for further updates and news

Week of February 05, 2017

This week I am going forward with my 2nd book about motherhood and are about half way through it. I hope to have this completed by end of this month. I’m currently working on the editing of the first one and will keep everyone posted. Also in March I hope to start a third one on my motherhood and finish it as well. Also this week I have ordered my new business cards and other products which I’m very excited about. I’m doing a lot of braining storming as well and I feel all very excited about all of this. Lastly I want to let everyone know that I have added some new links to resocurecs to the ‘For Fellow Writers’ page. Stay tuned everyone, have a great weekend and God Bless.