A snack, a soak, sleep and sex catch while you can with two

Ladies come get your sleep, snacks, sips, soaking and sex, come get it while it’s here going once, going twice, mama it’s going fast best catch them while there here going a third time. Oops sorry their gone, gone, gone you have had missed your chance for getting more sleep, a snack, sip or soak and sex. Let me see a show of hands of how many of us gals, wives and mothers feel as if we forever and always running, catching things on the run, doing everything on the go and can’t stop to catch our breath much less anything else. I know as a women, wife and mommy I do and that I always feel as if I have had to make choices between things and how to use and spend my time. I felt this way after becoming a mommy with the birth of my daughter but I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much this would be the case and I would feel this with having two babies. The inability to catch a breathe or always chasing and running after things I have been given. a double shot. Yes, there is no getting around choices that is what life is all about and made up of constant choosing between things but as a mommy of two babies why should I have to choose between the very basics of survival and feeling human or like a women especially now more than ever when I need such essential basics for my survival.

This calls for some truth or dare on my part and I will chose truth. The truth is in my own journey as a mommy I can think of numerous and endless examples or times where I was choosing or felt like I had to choose between doing or getting my basic need as a human being, or at least what made me feel more human, attended to and meet. For better or worse or scary I can remember the longest going without a chance to bath was 10 to 12 days. This most extreme example came during the semester of graduate school when I was working on my thesis and my son was 4 months old and not sleeping through the night yet it was rough and most challenging that semester. If you have read my bio and know I lived in New Hampshire and no my not bathing was not a result of power outages due to bad storms in the winter. I can remember on many occasions having to wait to eat until later in the am after being up for several hours. I also have made personal choices to instead of taking the chance to nap or bath I would think no I need to use this time to get ahead and on top of the cleaning or the laundry.

Until June of 2016 I would even have to say no I could use this chance to do school work and then while the kids are out with their daddy clean instead of going out with everyone. Another example of the choices I have felt like I had to make is not go work out on numerous occasions and stay to clean or do homework. I have felt like that I was always trading for instance to do house and or school work but miss out on gym or family time. Enjoy family time but get behind on my house or school work and so forth. For me its seemed to be the this constant shuffling of and juggling of family, school or my mommy duties. Then again I would be so tired from all this juggling and shuffling and feeling immense need for sleep but I snoozed then what else was I let sliding. In my shuffling and juggling of things and trying to choose or make my choices it often came down to simply happening in the ruin of things and everyday life and there just isn’t enough seconds in the minutes of the hours in my day.

Perviously I discussed the choosing and deciding how we use and spend our time and how we prioritize these choices and decisions here I really want to focus on how actually does one go about making and organizing the choices and priorities. The ability to do this become even more crucial, critical and invaluable to me now that I am a mommy of two and more work to do with less time to do in. For some it’s a major struggle and not so much for other and for other to include myself it’s a struggle and challenge because of my own personality and feelings of the need to do it all even though I may know how to organzine and prioritize. It is at this point I would like to share how and what helped me prioritize and organized so that I could choose more wisely and have better balanced usage of my time. Thus not letting my time get away from or make sure I could catch my elusive luxuries of sleep, snacks, sips, soaks and sex as often as possible. I admit it is definitely a struggle and challenge for several reasons mainly my personality and belief I have to do all for everyone and be all to everyone. Also my wanting to do and give my utmost and my best for all because of my deep love and passion for my family and babies. For me if I feel torn between I need to be doing this but yet I need to also being do this such as like spending time with family and my babies yet I have house and school work too I had a really hard time with that.

There were things I discovered in my journey of this constant shuffling and juggling that help me focus my thinking so I could organize and prioritize. For me, my family and babies absolutely have always and will always came first and I try and do try my very best to ensure they were put first. In putting my family and babies first I would think if I do house or school work instead of spending time with my babies and family what was I giving up or is this an instance were it was truly okay for me to take a pass this time knowing next time I wouldn’t miss out. This usually looked like if I had a major term paper due that weekend I would stay home or if it was just a weekly post I would go. House work almost always was in third at the bottom of my list especially if it was outside of the daily surface type cleaning. Next I would decide what absolutely had to be done in my day and could not be put off until tomorrow. Then I would think what can wait to until tomorrow or not be a thing if not done in the same day.

The reason for this question is to remind me that most of my mommy duties aren’t goin g any where and will be awaiting for me tomorrow and for the here and now my babies won’t always be the age they are and won’t always be here in my home asking for mommy come spend time. I want to never put anything above those special amazing fleeting moments. I want to always treasure and cherish the time I have with them now. These are the things that guided and still guide my thinking on how to prioritize or how and what I spend my precious time on. After looking at the reality of my own truth of my journey as a mommy here comes the dare part to this constant choosing, making choices and prioritizing our time as women, wives and mommies. There are a few reasons why we should take the dare and strive to choice and prioritize wisely. In striving to keep the balance we will have more time to take our own sips, snacks, sleep, soaks and sex and not miss out on these things. We will, or at least I do, feel more centered, balanced and sane when not missing out on these basics that help me to feel more human and a like a women. I know I am less stressed, less frazzled and are better able to focus on the important, priceless, precious things of being in the moments with my babies and family. Also I’m able to give more and give a better me to my babies and family. Thus is my goal I’m trying to achieve is to give my best then so I should dare to always strive to catch my sips, snacks, sleep, soaks and sex as much and as often as possible so through prioritizing and choosing wisely in my use of my time I am being my best. I will be able to build and give my babies a strong and steady house of cards of motherhood one made of steadfastness, courage, love, strength and beauty. May we all strive to dare to do so for ourselves, babies and families as we journey as mommies.

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Push the Replay button please

I’m a great lover of music and have a very diversified and eclectic taste in music. There are some songs and artist I could listen non stop and all the time and then there are others not so much. One of the most interested and unexpected songs and musical combinations in music was about 2004 between Tim McGraw and Nelly entitled “Over and Over again”.This reminds me of what I think and feel at times in my daily life as a mommy. I mean I feel like I’m a broken record singing the same song over and over again. It makes me wonder if I should set up a tape recording and keep hitting the replay or the play back button of all my mommyisms that I say on a daily base all day along over and over again.

Think about it ladies how many times do you and I catch ourselves saying the same things to our babies all day every day. Its’s like the annoying song you get stuck in your head all day and that is all your hear. I for one get annoyed and tired of saying the same thing over and over again and repeating myself. For example this could be anything like focus its time to eat, do your homework or get ready for whatever. It could be pick your toys and things and put them where they belong and put your plate up in the sink. Another broken record that gets played a lot is use your words, use your tools and figure it out. Other same songs that are heard in my home are i’m on the phone, hold on, give me a minute, one thing at a time and this is an A and B conversation C your way out of it. I often wonder if I sound like a broken record as much as I feel that I’m a broken record. Also I wonder if our babies get totally assumed or thinks totally funny that we can sound like parrots so much of the time as we repeat ourselves over and over again. If so do our babies get equally as tired and annoyed to hear the same thing over and over again as we get as mommies in saying them.

Then this makes me think well if you did what was asked of your or you were told to do neither one of us would be annoyed or get tired of the broken record or same song over and over again because I wouldn’t have say it and you wouldn’t have. hear it again because you did what you were asked or told the first time. So in way the kids don’t have the right to be annoyed and its only us as the mommy that can be annoyed because we aren’t being listened too and have to waste our own breath all the time. This is what I think leads to the bigger problem that causes the annoyance is that we feel we aren’t ever being listened too and that we have no voice or that our voices are never heard in our own homes. You may ask me or be thinking so what is the solution and sadly and unfortunately I don’t know because I still feel this way and struggle with having to be a broken record and playing the same song over and over again. If you ever figure out the answer or solution please contact me and let me know for it’s most and incredibly frustrating to feel as if you have no say or voice in your own home or with your own family isn’t though. The reason I feel this frustration and annoyance is that as a mommy I’m saying the things I say because I’m trying to teach and train my babies and what they need to learn because I love them and want the best for them. I fear when they don’t listen they won’t learn, then they won’t be prepared for what they need in life, then they can’t do what is asked of them in life and they won’t be able to have happy, healthy, safe, fulfilling and good lives.

As I sit and write this article the only things that I can offer you, my follow travelers along this journey of motherhood, and myself is this maybe its is a age or stage thing being that my babies are currently 4 and 7 and that as they get older it will be easier for them as they grown in ability to understand. Secondly, which I confess I have to work on for myself as well in my own journey and it is much more easily said then done. In my annoyance and frustration is to work on trying to be more patient and understanding and not so frustrated. Also I know I will have days where I do better in my efforts and will be have more mommy mountaintop moments and there will days where not so much and will have my mommy valley moments. I can only try to do better and maybe in striving to do better I will provide a better example of being more patient and understating to my babies and hopefully they can learn how to be more patient and understanding of others. I must remember that I as their mommy their first and best teacher of how I wish and hope my babies to be and grow as individuals and prepare for their own life journeys. May I always strive to be more patient, understanding and the mommy that demonstrates what I hope my babies to be in their own lives and journeys. May we as mommies always strive to demonstrate and build our houses of motherhood on the foundation of patients and understating as we journey forward in motherhood.

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Use Your Words

Use your words

One of my most common used and stated mummyism was inspired by what my babies watch on tv. In two of my babies favorite programs of Daniel Tiger and Super Why on PBS each show had an episode where they talked about using your words. In both tv programs the point of this lesson and episode was to help kids correctly identity, express and communicate themselves and their feelings, emotions and thoughts through using their words. Using our words carefully, correctly and wisely is a most invaluable lesson for both babies sand mommies. There is much the can be gained and learned from this lesson the can serve us all well in our journey through life if we learn this lesson. Also though as I and we journey through our own journeys as mommies in motherhood there is much value that can be found in this lesson as well.

As a mommy I have found myself saying this to my babies countless times to ‘use their words’. This comes up all the time in my life in my day as their mommy. One example of this can be when they are trying to tell me something but aren’t making any sense because they aren’t using their words, speaking clearly or using the right words to describe, explain and express what they are trying to tell me. Also another great example that seems to come often with siblings is what they say or how they use their words with each other. I want my babies to learn to use nice, sweet, kind, encouraging, true, pure, polite, respectful words with each other and also how they say their words to each other as the saying goes if not what you say but how you say. The other important part to using your words that I want my babies to learn is learning how to be thoughtful and choosing carefully what and how they say or speak their words to each other and other people.

It also can be said that actions speak louder than words so this got me thinking how can I teach my babies this lesson of using and choosing your words and how to say them. Moreover I wondered where is there a lesson to be learned for me as a mommy as to using my words and choosing what and how I use my own words as a mommy. If I expect my babies to use and chose nice, sweet, kind, encouraging, true, pure, polite, respectful words then also I must myself demonstrate the very thing I want them to learn. I must be mindful of my own use of words, my own word choice and how I use, choose and speak words when I talk to my babies. I must as well use and speak words that are nice, sweet, kind, encouraging, true, pure, polite, respectful when I speak to my babies. I must be thoughtful and conscientious in the words I speak. I want to strive to chose encouraging and uplifting words to use and speak to my babies. I must also consider not just what I say but how I say it. This arguably could be the harder if not the hardest part in the expression use your words. Part of being wise in our word usage and choice is how we say them. I must consider my tone the way I speak the words i use it is sweet or harsh, kind or mean, helpful or harmful. How often do I yell, I know for me that’s a huge one, are my words aggressive instead assertive and firm. In speaking do I speak with a sweet, quite assuring but firm tone. Do I yell at them in public or do I take them off to the side and speak privately with my babies another hard one for me. The words I speak are they harmful, hurtful and negative or are the words I speak helpful, encouraging, uplifting and positive. I can’t teach the truth of the lesson of using your words to my babies if I don’t myself do the same with my babies on a daily basis.

Here is a moment of mommy truth and confession yes i’m not perfect and have my days and or moments where I did not do the greatest in my usage, choice and manner in saying my words. Do i struggle with this as a mommy yes absolutely and will i make more mistakes in the future yes. The lesson of using your words are they hard absolutely they are. Although I think while we need to strive to use and choose our words wisely we also need to know how and when to fix things and make them right in the instances that I and we don’t make the wisest of choices in using and choosing our words which is equally as valuable if not more so then when we do make the great wise use of and choices in our words that we speak to our babies. In my journey as a mommy I hope that I will always strive to say, use and choose the right, sweet, kind, wise, helpful, encouraging, uplifting, and positive words with the correct tones as well. May we always as mommies strive to speak words that are nice, sweet, kind, polite, respectful and what is good, what is pure, what is right and speak helpful, encouraging, uplifting and positive to our babies and over their lives and we journey on as mommies and as our babies journey on in their own journeys in life.

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People in Hell Want Water

There is a great classic song from back in the day done by a group called The Rolling Stones and it is called “You can’t Always Get what You want and the course goes like this:

“You can’t always get what you want”
“You can’t always get what you want”
“ You can’t always get what you want”
“But if you try something you just might find you get what you need”

This song and lyrics remind of a great expression that I heard recently and fell in love with it. My neighbor told me she use to say to her boys when they were growing up “yes in people in hell want water too”. Okay so you might be saying but people need water. This is true but in the context of parenting and this expression she was saying people in hell may want water but there in hell so they can’t get it. There a couple of correlations to being mommies and for our babies we as mommies and our babies at times both experience the ‘I want what I want NOW’ in these moments of ‘I want what I want NOW moments’ our babies and as mommies have to understand and learn the truth of lyrics of the Rolling Stones song and of the expression of ‘People in Hell want water”

The moments of ‘I want what I want NOW’ moments for my babies can come in numerous and endless ways and instances throughout the daily routine. It could be I want to watch what I want to watch on tv or a movie NOW. One of my children could say I want a certain toy NOW. They both could say they want to eat NOW. They also could both say I want to go play at the park, go swimming or whatever NOW. Let’s be honest we as mommies have and get our own case of I want what I want and I want it NOW such as I want peace and quite Now. I want uninterrupted phone calls or conversations NOW. I want to go to the bathroom alone with no one with Now or take a bath uninterrupted NOW. I want to eat in peace NOW. Better still I want to nap Now or have mommy or me time NOW. In either case for us as mommies and our babies its really truly difficult and trying at times when we have the case of wanting what we want NOW!. Although it can be challenging, I’m equally guilty and need reminding myself, we each have great lessons of truth to be learn with great take away form the Rolling Stones and the expression of ‘People in Hell want water’

At this point you might be scratching your head wondering what is this insane women talking about. In either case I will gladly show and share the lessons of truth I see in these lyrical words and expression that are most valuable. Let’s start with the lessons of truth that our babies can learn. The lesson of truth that comes from ‘People in Hell want water” is that even though our babies aren’t in hell, of course we don’t want that and that isn’t what we are saying, but at times they may feel that way like when they can’t play when they want to or with what they wan to. Other times they can’t watch what want when they want. Basically in any case where they cant’t have or get their way when they want and if any of these cases they make a bad or red choice have to face the music or consequences of said choice such as timeout, going without what they want, being on restrictions or having to forego something they wanted to get or do because of their bad/red choices. In the case and instances they may think or feel that they are in hell. The lesson of truth of that is that even they aren’t getting their way (no water in hell) they are learning the lessons of life that they need to be happy, healthy, productive, successful, responsible, respectful, stable, good and contributing adults in our culture, society, the world and on their own life’s journey. They may not realize the truth of these lessons while are not receiving the water they think they need, want and are entitled too but as they learn, grow and journey on in their lives they see the truth and value of getting what the need and not what they want and will be better for it.

No worries ladies I didn’t forget about us and our lessons of truth we can learn from “You can’t always get what you want but if you try something you just might find you get what you need” I may not get what exactly what I want when I want as a mommy and it yes absolutely I get frustrated, mad, annoyed, stressed out and find it most challenging when I can’t get the oh so very much needed, naps, breaks, peace and quite, the uninterrupted chats, phone calls, bathroom or bather my mommy time among other things that I want what I want when I want like yesterday. The lesson for me has been as I journey along in my motherhood is that, yes I need reminding of this, that I have seen time and time again on a daily base is what I call the daily simple saving graces. I have gotten those when I needed them sometimes when I wanted them as well but often it was what I needed when I needed it the most. It could be I will get a night off to do my stuff or have time to myself when I was suppose or think I wasn’t going to and it was during a particularly hard day or week even. Another example could be when a girlfriend came over for a play date which gave me time with my girlfriend just not maybe my preference of a girls night out but it was what I needed in the sense it was still time with my girlfriend. Another example could if I’m tired or not feeling well I can’t get a day to rest uninterrupted like I would prefer but I do get my babies being sweet by either playing nicely and quietly on their own while rest or relax on the couch or they watch tv together while I lay on the couch. Are any of these my perfect and ideal preference of what I want when I want no but it is the simple daily saving grace of what i need in that moment of my day as a mommy. In those moments of getting what I need are the very things at times that can be the saving grace i need as a mommy that help me feel and stay centered, focused, balanced and keep me out of the valleys of my motherhood and on top of my mommy mountains.

In either case of our babies not getting the water they want or us as mommies finding what we need in our moments of simple daily saving graces we learn that there is more in life then getting our way all the time. We learn that it is better getting what we need then always having what we want when we want NOW. We learn patience and how to be patient although difficult, frustration and challenging. We learn that there is more to this life then instant gratification and that good things come to those who wait. Do I need help remembering these lessons in my days and journey as a mommy yes I do and that’s okay. Learning and growing in these valuable truths and lessons I can help teach my babies valuable life lessons and I learn how to trust and focus on my daily saving graces that I need as a mommy. In my journey as a mommy I know that when I take the needed simple daily saving graces that come my way when I need them in my day and journey I feel sane, balanced, focused and centered as a mommy and I can be the mommy I want and need to be for my babies and in my journey as a mommy. May I always seek the daily simple saving graces that I am given and blessed with in my daily journey as a mommy. In our continuing journeys as mommies may we remember and teach the lessons of truth to be found in song by The Rolling Stones and no water in hell. May we always have the knowledge, courage and strength to teach these life lessons as we continue on our journey through motherhood.

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By Right of Birth I enter into Motherhood

After starting my journey as a mommy and entering into motherhood with the birth of my daughter I heard someone say that I delivered a baby but I didn’t give birth. This to me made no sense to me and was most confusing and a little disconcerting. First of all I was thinking what is exactly the supposed difference because don’t they go hand in and hand and you have do one to o have the other. This made me think several things for one what exactly has to be done or take place to be considered to have enter into motherhood and become a mommy. What is the price of admission or the members fee we must pay as women for entrance into the club of motherhood or for our ticket to travel this journey we call motherhood. What is the process of by which we all become mothers. It is simply through the right of giving birth that we earn our right of passage to enter into motherhood or is the entrance into motherhood can be granted by a multitude of doors being opened to the beginning of this new journey as women who are now mommies.

In considering these question I think it is very telling of how much judgment there is out in our society and culture on women and mothers. The amount of judgement that we as women and mommies face and have to encounter seems to has not changed or transformed as our world as the varying different paths that can be taken to start ones journey into motherhood. This is disheartening because the journey of motherhood is the same regardless as to how one may have come to start or enter their journey as a mommy. The journey of motherhood may be the same but the path of entering into motherhood often times isn’t and doesn’t have to be the same. For many women having to come to their journey of motherhood in different ways should not cause judgement to them as women for having to approach and come to the start of their journey as a mommy differently.

How we as women come to motherhood whether it is through traditional childbirth natural or not, giving birth through c-scetion, having become a mommy after fertility treatments, having a serrate, or adopting or being a foster parent or also being a step parent or single mom have the same out come and result of becoming a mommy. Regardless of how a women enters into the journey of motherhood has no bearing on what the journey through motherhood will be for her and she will experience motherhood just as would another women who enter into motherhood through a different matter. Motherhood is a journey traveled by all women who have children through whatever means and care for, take care of, protect, provide, support and love their children. The passage into motherhood may vary but the journey itself is no different from one women to the next. As women who travel the same journey through motherhood maybe we should consider redefining what means to be afforded the right of passage into motherhood.

In our defining of one’s passage into motherhood may we focus on what it is to be a mommy and not on the method by which we as women became mommies. Motherhood is the hardest and yet best job one can ever do. It requires everything you got your time, effort, your body, your space, your heart, your love, your sleep and more than any of us could probably dream of before staring this journey into motherhood. As a women if you love, cherish treasure the children your care for then you are a mommy who is journeying through motherhood. If you teach, support, encourage, raise and discipline the children you care for you are a mommy. If you take care of, protect and provide for the children you care for you are a mommy. If you have ever had a sleepless night, been exhausted beyond all reasonability, go without food, privacy, alone time and space, survived teething, the terrible twos, potty training and been vomited on or pooped on and any other of the countless endless other things that comes with the one’s membership to the club of motherhood then you are a mommy and always will be regardless of which path of right of birth brought to this journey of motherhood you now travel. May we as women and mommies remember what is the ultimate goal of motherhood to love, care for and raise the babies we are given and blessed with regardless through whatever methods we have been blessed with our babies. May we also strive as women to be understanding, kind, compassionate, supportive and encouraging to all women, our fellow travelers, on this journey of motherhood for we all are traveling and finding our own path and way through our own journey as mommies for ourselves, our babies and families as we go forward as mommies.

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A new season and chapter in my Journey

Since April 4 and durning my absence and time of silence on Heartfelt Meditations there has been much change and many translations for me and my family as we journey forward. I’m not sure at this point what this new journey is to be or look like or how to figure it all out. I hope to figure it all some how. There is just incredible so very much swirling, whirling and swirling endlessly. It is more than anyone should ever have to do. I find myself and my family learning and experinceing swimming in very deep new uncharted waters. I have found myself having become a widow and a single mom who is disabled and having to move my family across country back to Louisiana. This is a journey  I never expected or wanted. Although in future weeks to come and in future posts I will be writing about all of this as well as picking back up with the third book I was in the process of wring when this all happened back in April.

I truly appreciate understanding and patience during this season of my journey. I am learning how to find my way and path as I journey forward. I have much to say and write and much that fills my heart. I hope to be able to formulate it and pen it to paper and get it written down. All I can say at this point is that I’m doing my best and tying to go and move forward and figure this all out. It is a new unexpected journey that I must take and travel now. This will prove to be an interesting difficult journey. Hopefully my path will become more clear as I journey forward. Stay tuned for future material to come shorty hopefully in the fall if not sooner. God Bless all.




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When MaMa Sane Everybody is Sane

In life we all have heard the expression ‘when mama is happy everybody is happy’ For better or worse that is often true and reality. To know when and what makes mama happy a mama must define what make her happy. For some mama it could be a clean house or to come home to a cooked meal that she didn’t have prepare or cook. Others it might be a long hot uninterrupted bath, uninterrupted meal or conversation with a girlfriend. Another mama could think her happiness can be found in a moment or moments of uninterrupted peace and quite of silence. Also a mama could find her happiness in having a day where her child or babies are getting along and playing well. In the case of a new mama it would the joy of realizing that for the first time since the birth of your child he or she slept through the night which means you did too. Who ever thought uninterrupted sleep could be so sweet its truly the simple things and joys. It could also be the personal satisfaction or gratification of know you are back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. In any case happiness can be found in any number of places for me as I journey forward in my motherhood.

Since I have become a mommy and as I continue to journey forward as a mommy I have learned and have created my own twist and version of this saying. I choose to say if I’m sane then everyone sane. I have learned how to create moments of sanity amidst the insanity at time in my life in the day of being a mommy and ways of maintaining my sanity as a mommy. If I feel as if I’m loosing my focus, balance, control and my sanity or mind I have to step back and stop to give myself the chance to regain my focus, balance, center, control, mind and sanity. In these moments of my life in my day as a mommy I may decide during nap time today I’m taking a nap too instead of being productive. I could decide that it’s better not to worry about house work and just relax and enjoy memorable moments with my babies. Although if it’s moments of craziness with my babies I might say go play of stairs and this gives me moments to myself to stop, breath and take in some sips and relax. Although in these moments that I choose to reset, recharge and refocus, I being type A, perfectionist, I feel guilty from time to time for taking these moments and not being productive. Although it is at this point I have to remind myself these few precious and priceless moments of regaining my focus, balance and sanity have immense and immeasurable value and are worth it for myself, my babies and family.

It is in and through my sanity I find my happiness as a mama thus for when I’m happy is when I’m sane so when Mama is sane(happy) everybody is sane. In my journey as a mommy I have found my sanity in multiple places along the way.
I have also discovered that it is most essential and paramount for me as a women, wife and mommy to keep my focus, balance and sanity. In doing this not just for myself but for my babies and family I’m able to be and give my very utmost best to my babies and family. It is doing and giving my best to my babies and family that I’m am able to be the mommy that I strive to be. It is through keeping my sanity that I am able to have my mommy mountaintop moments and journey through my motherhood with strength, confidence and success. I as a mommy desire to always give my very best and be my absolute best for my babies and family. May I always strive to keep my balance, focus and sanity and not loose sight of what creates moments of focus, balance and sanity. May we as mommies have the wisdom and sight to seek out what makes us sane and happy for ourselves, babies and families as we continue to journey forward as mommies.

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